Plug-N-Play Adapter XBHD Allows HDMI Connections for the Original Xbox


EON Gaming has launched its brand-new plug-n-play adapter called XBHD for the original Xbox consoles which will allow direct HDMI connections. EON Gaming is known for their acclaimed GCHD MK-II and Super 64  and now they have released their next flagship adapter called the XBHD. XBHD is a full-featured, first-of-its-kind adapter that unlocks the potential of the original Xbox for gamers and players around the world.

The original Xbox console was launched back in 2001 and it sparked an unforgettable era when Microsoft entered the gaming console scene. MS’s new console went toe to toe with gaming giants of the time including Sony and Nintendo who were in their 6th generation of consoles. Xbox not only established its own place in the market but also managed to sell more than 24 million units worldwide. It offered greater processor power, internal storage, onboard LAN connectivity, and different exclusive titles such as Halo: Combat Evolved.XBHD Xbox

With modern screens and TVs moving to more modern connectivity solutions, the classic consoles are suffering because of this as very few new TVs now ship with classic display ports or A/V cable support. Thanks to third-party companies like EON Gaming, we can still play these classic consoles on modern screens and their latest release will allow us to experience the iconic Xbox titles just like they are meant to be experienced once more: on the original Xbox console. The XBHD will give you dual HD ports to host head-to-head matches or simply streaming setups with no additional hardware requirements.

You can gather your friends and recreate the true LAN party experiences thanks to three RJ45 ethernet connectors which will seamlessly enable LAN support for up to four consoles. The HDMI slots will allow you to select the display quality of your choice including 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i resolutions. It also enjoys the flexibility of the MiniTOSlink 3.5mm port which will provide clear audio through headphones, speaker systems, and capture cards for streaming.

XBHD is now available worldwide for $189.99 through Amazon, Castlemania Games, Retro Saga, Games Connection, and all other retail partners. You can pick it up and use your original Xbox console with any modern screen that you want without any further requirements. For additional details, you can check out the official EON Gaming website.

What are your thoughts on XBHD, and would you be interested in getting this amazing adapter for the original Xbox? Let us know in the comments section below.

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