World War Z Weapons Guide – All Tiers, Best Weapons

World War Z Weapons Guide

In this World War Z Weapons Guide, we will guide you on all the different types of weapons present in World War Z. World War Z is a zombie-survival game which means that the most important aspect of the game is its weapons. With the proper weapons, you will be able to take down enemies quickly and level up quickly as well.

World War Z features three tiers of weapons and as you move up the tiers, weapons get better and better. The best tier of weapons in World War Z is the Tier 3 weapons. It will allow you to easily mow down swarms of zombies and tougher enemies in the game. You will earn more XP as you kill enemies which will help you level up quickly. We have detailed all weapons in World War Z below.

Weapons Guide – World War Z

In this World War Z Weapons Guide, we have detailed everything that you need to know about weapons in World War Z.

Tier 1 Weapons

The Tier 1 weapons are mostly character specific and you will get them when you start the game with specific classes as Perk rewards.

Tier 1 weapons in World War Z are:

  • Machine Pistol – Geist 17MP
  • Scout Rifle – Mini-21
  • Shotgun – M500
  • Compact SMG – Gal 9
  • Pistol – 1911 Protector

Tier 2 Weapons

Tier 2 weapons are found randomly during missions and some are unlocked from the Character Skill Tree upgrades. These are your most commonly used weapons and you will use them in most of the in-game situations. These are decent weapons and will help you kill the basic enemies very easily.

Guns in Tier 2 are:

  • Sniper Rifle – Mk110
  • Compact Shotgun – S890 Shorty
  • Sporting Carbine – Pac-15
  • Assault Rifle – ARK-103
  • Combat Shotgun – S890
  • SMG – TMP5
  • PDW – Senjata PDW

Tier 3 Weapons

The Tier 3 weapons are the rarest weapons in the game and also the most powerful. They will help you mow down enemies very easily and they also come with different bonuses which add to their initial damage. Some of these weapons are excellent in dealing with enemy swarms. If you can easily secure ammo for these weapons, you will have no issues when dealing with enemies.

Weapons in this tier include:

  • Assault Carbine – HW416
  • Assault Shotgun – Taiga-12
  • Crossbow – Repeater X)
  • Battle Rifle – HAMR-17
  • Advanced SMG – Keris V10
  • Bullpup Rifle – XTAR-95

Heavy Weapons

Heavy weapons mostly come with AoE damage and they also excel at crowd control. Some of these weapons are explosive and they will literally make zombies fly when they explode. Get ready for the most explosive action in World War Z with these heavy weapons.

The following heavy weapons are present in the game:

  • Rocket Launcher – RPGL4 Rocket Launcher
  • Revolver – Casull 6
  • Payload Rifle – BF25 Sniper Rifle
  • Grenade Launcher – Thumper GL
  • MGL – Hailstorm MGL
  • Machinegun – MAG5
  • Chainsaw – SchreiTech Forrest Warrior
  • Heavy Assault Shotgun – Taiga-12

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons will save your skin a lot more time than normal weapons. They are excellent in close combat. The best bit about melee weapons is that they do not require ammo so you can keep killing zombie after zombie with them. They are excellent last resort weapons however avoid using them when enemies are too much in numbers.

The following melee weapons are present in World War Z:

  • Lobo Bundle – Shovel
  • Machette

Best Weapons in World War Z

Each tier is World War Z has some decent weapons. Starting with the melee weapons, Machete is the better option in the Melee category. In the heavy, you can go for Thumper GL, RPGL4 Rocket Launcher or the MAG5 Machine Gun. They will allow you to easily eliminate large groups of enemies.

From Tier 3, Crossbow is a solid weapon as it fires explosive arrows. Each arrow explodes after you have fired them in enemies. This can be considered as the best weapon in the entire game as well because of its pinpoint accuracy and deadly explosions. From Tier 2, you can go for Sporting Carbine or the Assault Rifle.

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This concludes our World War Z Weapons Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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