Wolfenstein: Youngblood Der Nachtfalter Collectibles Guide – All Collectibles, Where to Find

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Der Nachtfalter Collectibles Guide

In this Wolfenstein: Youngblood Der Nachtfalter Collectibles Guide, we will guide you on the locations of all collectibles in Der Nachtfalter in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Der Nachtfalter is the first location in the game and you will visit a lot of locations as you play the game. Similar to old games, the latest title in Bethesda’s long-running nazi slaying franchise comes with tons of secret collectibles for you to find and collect.

This guide focuses on all the collectibles that you can find in the very first location Der Nachtfalter in the game. There are different types of collectibles that you can collect in the chapter. The collectibles below are listed according to categories in which they fall to make it easier for you to find a specific collectible. The order in which they are found in the main mission could be different than the one listed below.

Der Nachtfalter Collectibles Guide – Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Our Wolfenstein: Youngblood Der Nachtfalter Collectibles Guide details all collectible locations in Der Nachtfalter location in Wolfenstein Youngblood. You will need to find 2 collectibles in this chapter. They are mentioned below.

Floppy Disks

One of the collectibles in the game include floppy disks. To really collect these floppy disks as a collectible, after finding them in the world, you must insert them in a computer. Only then they will be registered as collected. You can use any computer in the game to read the data on the floppy disks. They are tied to specific computers.

Floppy Disk #1

This floppy disk is required to progress in the main mission so you cannot skip it. You will find it sitting on the top of a shelf next to a clipboard with some papers on it. Pick it up and then use the computer to read the data on it. It will be added to your collection.

Cassette Tapes

Another collectible in the game is the Cassette Tapes. These are audio collectibles. Pick them up and play them to listen to what data is recorded on them.

Cassette #1

After the boss fight in the first chapter, look at the desk with some papers and clipboards. Pick up the tape recorder and the cassette here to add them to your collection.

These are all the collectibles that you can find in the first chapter of the game. For more chapters, check out the links below.

This concludes our guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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