Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhuyan Boss Guide – Best Tips to Beat Zhuyan

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhuyan Boss Guide

One of the toughest bosses you will face in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is Zhuyan, but with the right preparation and strategy, you can make this fight pretty manageable. This Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Zhuyan Boss Guide will show you how to beat Zhuyan boss in the game, how to prepare for the fight, and list some best tips to take the boss down.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Zhuyan Boss Guide

Before you take on Zhuyan, check out some tips to prepare yourself before the battle:

  • Level up your character and ensure that you have a high level. You can do this by completing side quests and beating enemies to gain Genuine Qui to level up your Virtues. Leveling up our character gives you more health and mana to make you survive longer in the battle.
  • Upgrade your weapon and armor as much as you can and to the maximum level. This will help you deal more damage, while also helping you withstand Zhuyan’s attacks.
  • Pile up on healing items as the battle is going to be quite challenging and the attacks thrown by Zhuyan are going to be relentless. Making sure you have enough healing items in your inventory will keep you alive and in the fight.
  • Bring a companion along with you if you want to make the fight easier and allow you two ends of attacking the boss. A companion in the battle can also distract the boss with their attacks while you take a breather to heal and gather yourself.

Zhuyan Boss Battle Tips

  • Dodge attacks: Zhuyan has some very strong attacks that can deal massive damage, so you need to avoid them. You can do this by moving away from him when right as he’s about to attack.
  • Make use of your companion: If you brought a friend with you, use them to distract Zhuyan while you attack him from behind. This will help you do more damage and stay out of his way.
  • Attack from behind: Zhuyan is weak from behind, so try to attack him from that direction. This will help you do more damage and stay out of his way.
  • Use special abilities: Use your special abilities to deal extra damage to Zhuyan. Make sure that you use them when he is weak.
  • Use the surroundings: You can make the most of your surroundings by tricking Zhuyan into traps or using things around him to hurt him.
  • Take your time: The fight with Zhuyan could take a while, so don’t rush. Pay attention to avoiding his attacks and dealing with damage when you can.

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