Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Weapons Upgrade Guide – How to Upgrade Your Weapons

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Weapons Upgrade Guide

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has plenty of different weapons that you can use, specific to your play style or build. However, there is an additional benefit that the game offers by making your weapons stronger using upgrades. This Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Weapons Upgrade Guide will show you how to upgrade weapons and how this feature works.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Weapons Upgrade Guide

Upgrading weapons in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty works by visiting the blacksmith, Zhu Xia. You will meet this NPC after you have fought Zhuyan in the ‘Two Chivalrous Heroes’ quest. But to make her a permanently available option, you have to complete ‘The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven’ quest, where she will then become a part of the Hidden Village.

Here you can visit Zhu Xia and upgrade your weapon by talking to this blacksmith. In addition to your weapons, she will also help you upgrade your armor, and give you the option of getting exclusive items.

How to Upgrade Weapons

When you are ready to upgrade a weapon, head over to Zhu Xia and choose the weapon or armor item that you want to upgrade, and then provide the required material to upgrade the weapon. Materials are obtained when dropped by enemies that you beat.

Upgrading your weapon helps raise its Based Attack and Attack Power. In addition, you can also get Special Effects or abilities equipped on an item. Zhu Xia also lets you access the embedding system, where you can remove and replace tats for your weapons and armor.

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That’s how you can upgrade weapons in the game as shown in this Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Weapons Upgrade Guide. Post your comments below.

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