Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Spells Guide – How to Unlock and Use Spells

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Spells Guide

Magic in Wo Long fallen Dynasty is called Wizardry Spells that are linked to the five different Virtues that your character has. If you are wondering, Spells are not available right from the start but need to be unlocked before you can use them. This Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Spells Guide will show you how to get and use Spells in the game.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Spells Guide

Spells are unlocked when you upgrade your Virtues using Genuine Qui. When you level up the character’s Virtues, you will unlock Spells that are tied to a Virtue. These spells will be linked to one of the main elements of the game, meaning that if you want to get Ice Spells, you will need to get upgrade your Water Virtue. Similarly, if you want ground-based spells or fire spells, you will need to upgrade Earth Virtue and Fire Virtue respectively.

Virtues can be upgraded at a Battle Flag by using your Genuine Qui. This works like experience points that you accumulate as you defeat enemies, and spend when you are ready to level up your character. Players looking for specific character builds should look at the Virtues and Spells that will better fit their build and combat playstyle they prefer.

How to Set and Use Spells

After you have leveled up a virtue, you will reach a point where you can now access the Wizardry Spells option when you are at a Battle Flag. Here the game offers you two ways to manage spells, where you can learn new spells or set wizardry spells. The learning feature shows you a map of what virtue links to a certain spell and how you need to upgrade to get a specific Spell you are looking for.

The second option is for you to set wizardry spells, which is a simple feature that lets you bind a Spell on the controller buttons for quick access. You can set four such spells, anywhere on the controller or the keyboard if you are playing the game on a PC.

To cast a spell, press the right trigger on the controller, and choose the Spell you want to cast using the button that you designated the spell on.

Spells Counter

Spells are differentiated by their elements, which also means that different elements can counter each other when they get into contact. The game has five different elements in the game namely: Metal, Fire, Earth, Wood, and Fire.

The following elements counter each other:

  • Metal Spells counter Wood Spells
  • Water Spells counter Fire Spells
  • Wood Spells counter Earth Spells
  • Fire Spells counter Metal Spells
  • Earth Spells counter Water Spells

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That’s all you need to know about unlocking and using Spells in the game as shown in our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Spells Guide. Post your comments below.

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