Wild Hearts Weapons Guide – How to Get All Weapons

Wild Hearts Weapons Guide

Wild Hearts has eight different weapons that you can unlock and use. Each of these weapons offers a different play style to players when taking the fight to the enemy. This Wild Hearts Weapons Guide will show you how to get weapons and what types of weapons you can use.

How to Get Weapons Wild Hearts

When you first begin the game, all you have for a weapon is the Karakuri Katana. This is a weapon that you will have to use and get familiar with up until you have concluded the tutorial part of the game. It is only when you reach a point in the game where you have to fight Ragetail.

After you have defeated this enemy, you will meet the blacksmith who will ask you to make a forge for her, allowing her to craft more weapons for you like the Nodachi, Bow, Maul, and more weapons.

However, there are more weapons that can only be obtained as you play the story, as these weapons cannot be crafted to use in combat.

All Weapons in Wild Hearts

There are eight weapons in Wild Hearts that you can use:

Weapon #1 – Karakuri Katana

The starting weapon that you get in Wild Hearts is the Karakuri Katana. This weapon is a balanced starting weapon that you will first use to fight enemies and get used to as your main weapon. The Karakuri is a mid-weight weapon that allows close-range combat and delivers quite a punch with each hit.

Weapon #2 – Nodachi

The second weapon is the Nodachi, a giant sword that is heavy and will force you to produce close-range hits if you want to deliver a devastating hit. Thanks to its massive size, the weapon dishes out a lot of damage. The best part about the Nodachi is that it can let you perform attacks as you are changing your movement.

Weapon #3 – Bow

As you can expect, the Bow lets you attack from a distance, offering you two different stances: Haya Stance and Otoya Stance. The main difference between these two stances is that one is horizontal and the other is vertical when it comes to holding the bow. The horizontal stance doesn’t deal a lot of damage, but you can detonate them with vertical arrows.

Weapon #4 – Bladed Wagase

An umbrella-shaped weapon that is best used for close-ranged combat, and allows you to parry Kemono attacks. The basic attack produces quick hits, but the second attack delivers a more powerful attack that turn into aerial moves.

With every successful parry, you have a great chance to continue with your attacks, increasing the weapon gauge in return. The higher the weapon gauge, the more powerful your hits are going to be.

Weapon #5 – Maul

This is a heavy weapon that can significantly damage any Kemono nearby, and will also demolish Karakuri in range. In addition, if you press the Special attack after attack 1 or 2, the weapon extends its handle, allowing more combos.

Weapons #6 – Canon

Another option for ranged combat is with the hand canon, the large weapon that you can use for attacks from a distance. The canon has a heat gauge, which means that the more you use this weapon, the more it will overheat and become unavailable for a short period. This can be countered if you perform Karakuri combo attacks or if you shoot a base at the Kemono.

Weapon #7 – Clawblade

If you are looking for a sharp, quick attacking weapon, the Clawblade is made for you. The basic attack produces quick hits, while the second attack lets you move to another position. The special attack of this weapon lets you hook to a Kemono and use it as a grappling hook.

Weapon #8 – Karakuri Staff

The Karakuri Staff can be crafted when you reach the second chapter of the game. A medium-ranged weapon that can take five different forms. These forms can be switched by using the Special attack button, where it can turn into a shuriken, a war pike, produce two fangs, and more.

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That’s all the weapons in the game as shown in this Wild Hearts Weapons Guide. Post your comments below.


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