Wild Hearts Beginners Guide – Best Tips for New Players

Wild Hearts Beginners Guide

Players that are familiar with the Monster Hunter series would instantly feel familiar with Wild Hearts. Having said that, for newcomers that are just getting into this action RPG, where you will be fighting all sorts of beasts and bosses, hunting for materials and becoming the ultimate Kemono hunter. This Wild Hearts Beginners Guide will give you some best tips that will help you get started with the game, and what you need to do to get up to speed without wasting too much time.

Wild Hearts Beginners Guide

In Wild Hearts, you take the role of a hunter, entering the village of Minato and helping to protect the people of Azuma. You have various allies that will help you along the way, and each will be important to your survival against the Kemono.

Get All Kemono Orbs

Kemono Orbs are very important in the game as they help you upgrade your Karakuri and unlock more in your adventure. Facing all sorts of fierce Kemono, you don’t want to skip on these orbs and look to obtain as many as you can find, whether you are playing solo or with other players.

Kemono Orbs are obtained when you bean giant kemono enemies. The amount of orbs is further increased when you hit the weak spots of the kemono.

Use Dragon Pits as Camps

Dragon Pits are found scattered all throughout the map or the world of the game. You can use Dragon Karakuri in these pits to make them work just like a campsite where you can forge weapons, cook food, and also enable fast movement.

Dragon Pits can also be used for fast travel. But that is limited to the condition of a Dragon Pit as putting up a tent in a Dragon Pit requires 50 Earth. It is also best to choose your tent or fast travel points wisely. Spreading them at key strategic locations will be beneficial for you in the long run.

Starting Weapon

Your starting weapon is going to be the Karakuri Katana, a decent and well-balanced weapon that works best in the early stages. This weapon is a very reliable option that you should use to its full potential before looking for additional weapons.

Your Karakuri also helps you take on different forms, where you can see weak spots on enemies, place traps and have powerful weaponry at your disposal.

In Wild Hearts, the Karakuri is available in two different types. The first is the basic Karakuri which you use it for combat, while the Dragon Karakuri lets you construct buildings, tents, and forges.

Tsukomos are Your Friends

All around the map you can find Tsukomo, which are robot like companions that help you a lot especially when you play alone. Tsukomo can accompany you and help you with various things like distracting enemies, producing a healing cloud, and using Thread to power up your Karakuri.

You can also upgrade Tsukomo by using Old Cogs. These are found when you find at least 50 Tsukomo that are hidden in the different regions of the game. With upgrades, the attacking power, defense, and their support stats are increased, making them even more effective in combat.

Visit Minato

Minato is the hunter’s main area where you can find a lot of characters, vendors, and NPCs that can give you various quests. The village should be explored thoroughly as this is where you will discover the blacksmith to help forge your weapons and armor, and get other useful items and rewards.

You can also have your own training area where you can test out your weapon and combat techniques after you have helped built the village’s bath house and called in Tamakazura to it.

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