Wartales Unveils The Tavern Opens DLC: Manage Your Own Thriving Watering Hole in Co-op

Wartales The Tavern Opens DLC

Wartales, the acclaimed medieval open-world tactical RPG boasting over 20,000 positive Steam reviews and nearing a million units sold, expands its immersive universe with the launch of The Tavern Opens DLC, available today. This eagerly anticipated addition introduces a vibrant new dimension to the game, allowing players to venture beyond the battlefield and into the bustling world of tavern management.

At the core of The Tavern Opens DLC is the establishment of a thriving tavern, a beloved sanctuary for mercenaries, travelers, and adventurers seeking respite from their perilous journeys. With the introduction of the Brewer profession and the ability to keep companions in reserve, today’s free update enhances the base game experience alongside the DLC’s launch.

Check out the The Tavern Opens DLC trailer below:

Players are tasked with assembling a dedicated staff, either recruiting civilians or assigning companions, to ensure the tavern runs smoothly. From mastering cooking techniques to crafting exquisite brews, every aspect of customer satisfaction falls under the purview of the tavern’s management team.

The DLC empowers players to unlock specialized tools for interior design, creating an inviting atmosphere that attracts patrons from all walks of life. With 15 unique factions visiting the tavern, each with their own preferences in food, drinks, music, and décor, a keen eye for detail is crucial to maximizing profits.

Tavern owners must also navigate the competitive landscape, climbing the ranks through strategic decision-making and occasionally resorting to corporate espionage. Sending crew members on covert missions to rival taverns can yield lucrative rewards, from stealing gold to acquiring coveted secret recipes.

Wartales The Tavern Opens DLC

However, success in The Tavern Opens isn’t just about business acumen; it’s about crafting an unforgettable experience for patrons while also furthering the agenda of your band of sellswords. Players can manage their tavern remotely, adjust menus, and reinvest profits to fuel their journey toward dominance, justice, or infamy.

Wartales: The Tavern Opens DLC is now available on Windows PC via Steam, offering a rich and immersive tavern management experience with language support in English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Portuguese. Dive into a world where ale flows freely, intrigue lurks around every corner, and fortune favors the bold tavern owner. Previous updates include Harag’s Marchlands update which added a brand-new region to Wartales.

Are you looking forward to jumping back to Wartales to try out the new The Tavern Opens DLC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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