Valorant Weapons Guide – Weapon Stats, Best Weapon to Use

Valorant Weapons Guide

This Valorant Weapons Guide will show you all the weapons with their stats, how they perform and list some of the best weapons to use. There are a handful of different weapons in different categories.

Weapons in Valorant range from Pistols, SMGs, Shotguns, Assault and Sniper Rifles. Each weapon performs differently in both firing and dealing damage. Weapons are also differentiated by their cost, where you will the choice of buying the most expensive weapons which are the Sniper Rifles, to the cheapest pistol you can have.

Valorant Weapons Guide

Let’s take a look at each of the weapons in the game, how they perform when used, and what damage output they have at different ranges.


There are 5 pistols in Valorant, including the standard common pistol that you always start with, and is free to have. However, there are other weapons in this category as well.


This weapon is your standard weapon that every person starts with. It is free and is given to you at the start of the match, and is a pretty basic weapon you start with. It does not have a ton of damage capability and does not have that much of an effect anyway even if you get close. It also does not have wall penetration, so it is best not to rely on this weapon to hit targets behind walls.

Classic also has two firing modes, where the first is the semi-auto firing 6.75 rounds/sec. The alternative firing mode is a 3-round burst, which increases spread and has a fire rate of 2.22 RPS.

  • Damage from 0-30m: 26 Body, 78 Head, 22 Leg
  • Damage from 30-50m: 22 Body, 66 Head, 18 Leg


This is the most effective weapon for close-range combat because you can see that it is clearly a sawed-off shotgun. Any sawed-off shotgun is a beast at close range. However, Shorty has a really widespread of bullets that almost guarantees that the target is hit at all parts of their body with the 12 pellets that fire off from a single shot.

There is no alternative firing mode which can compact the spread of bullets. Which is kind of nice as it is just a raw weapon that you can use to save money and hold off an area when your team is trying to save. The Shorty is available for 200 Creds.

  • Damage from 0-9m: 12 Body, 36 Head, 10 Leg
  • Damage from 9-15m: 8 Body, 24 Head, 6 Leg
  • Damage from +9m: 3 Body, 9 Head, 2 Leg


This is a fully automatic pistol that has a very fast fire rate, sitting at 10rps. It does not have an alternate firing mode, and also does not have a very large clip. It is very hard to control because of its rapid firing and does not deal a ton of damage. This also means that its wall penetration is pretty low as well.

  • Damage from 0-20m: 26 Body, 78 Head, 22 Leg
  • Damage from 20-50m: 21 Body, 63 Head, 17 Leg


This is a pretty solid pistol that comes just short of the firing power than the Sheriff. It is a pretty accurate weapon that you can one tap with at close to medium range. It is also suppressed which means that the opponents will have a tough time tracking where it is being fired from.

  • Damage from 0-30m: 30 Body, 105 Head, 26 Leg
  • Damage from 30-50m: 25 Body, 88 Head, 21 Leg


Like the Desert Eagle in Counter Strike, the Sheriff resembles so much like the weapon with the .50 CAL bullets. With almost the same characteristics, the Sheriff is a great weapon at almost any range to one tap headshot opponents. That is of course if you are good at aiming and can land your shots.

  • Damage from 0-30m: 55 Body, 160 Head, 47 Leg
  • Damage from 30-50m: 50 Body, 145 Head, 43 Leg


There are currently just two SMGs in Valorant’s closed beta.


This is a brutally fast firing weapon that is a pretty balanced weapon in the early rounds of a match. It is also a safe choice when you are trying to save and yet have something that packs a punch.

The Stinger as two firing modes, where its primary is fully automatic that fires 18rps, but has spread if you continuously fire the weapon. the alternative mode stabilizes the weapon as you enable its zoom mode.

  • Damage from 0-20m: 27 Body, 67 Head, 23 Leg
  • Damage from 20-50m: 25 Body, 62 Head, 21 Leg


This is a suppressed SMG that is also one of the best guns to have other than the Phantom. IT is pretty good in handling and reliable as a weapon for middle rounds of the match. If you want a pretty balanced weapon that is good for close to mid range combat, then Spectre should be your first pick in this category of weapons.

Its alternative firing mode has a zoom in functionality that further increases accuracy and decreases bullet spread.

  • Damage from 0-20m: 26 Body, 78 Head, 22 Leg
  • Damage from 20-50m: 22 Body, 66 Head, 18 Leg


There are two shotguns in the game


This is a pump action shotgun that is pretty devastating at close range. It is quite expensive but is quite good shotgun if you know how to play with it. Its primary firing mode will deliver a shot with a lot of spread, however its alternative compacts the spread if you fire with the right click.

  • Damage from 0-8m: 22 Body, 44 Head, 19 Leg
  • Damage from 8-12m: 17 Body, 24 Head, 14 Leg
  • Damage from 12-50m: 9 Body, 18 Head, 8 Leg


This is a fully automatic shotgun that loses its accuracy the longer you press the trigger. Firing long range with weapon will not be effective, but it can do almost the same job as Bucky if you can control the pellet spread.

  • Damage from 0-10m: 17 Body, 34 Head, 14 Leg
  • Damage from 10-15m: 13 Body, 26 Head, 11 Leg
  • Damage from 15-50m: 10 Body, 20 Head, 9 Leg


There are four different assault rifles in the game


This weapon is a standard assault rifle which has a decent rate of fire with high recoil. The best way to use it at close to mid range, but can also be used somewhat from long range if you switch to its alternative firing mode, providing you a scoped view. While it is expensive, it does not stand as a better weapon compared to the SMG, which can be purchased for cheaper.

  • Damage from 0-50m: 35 Body, 116 Head, 30 Leg


This is the best assault rifle for one tap headshot and accuracy. It is a semi automatic weapon, best for players with good aim and quite familiar with Counter Strike. The Guardian demands that you be accurate with each of its shot as its rate of fire is not as fast.

  • Damage from 0-50m: 65 Body, 195 Head, 49 Leg


This is a suppressed automatic rifle that will remind you of the suppressed version of M4A1 from Counter Strike Global Offensive. The weapon is pretty accurate with its single shots, but you can increase the accuracy by firing off with its alternative mode.

  • Damage from 0-15m: 39 Body, 156 Head, 33 Leg
  • Damage from 15-30m: 35 Body, 140 Head, 30 Leg
  • Damage from 30-50m: 31 Body, 124 Head, 26 Leg


A pretty high damage dealing assault rifle that is all about stopping the enemies in their tracks. With all this power that the Vandal packs, you will find it tricky to manage its recoil. Best for you if you can land accurate headshots, which will instantly eliminate an enemy from any range.

  • Damage from 0-50m: 39 Body, 156 Head, 33 Leg

Sniper Rifles

There are two sniper rifle in the game


This is a pretty accurate sniper rifle even if you use it to hip fire at targets. Best to hold off points where you can target enemies while holding an objective. It has a good rate of fire and will kill any opponent with a headshot

  • Damage from 0-50m: 101 Body, 202 Head, 85 Leg


This is the most powerful weapon that will kill the enemy with one shot, anywhere on their body or head. It takes time to reload which is the disadvantage, but if you can accurately kill opponents, you need not worry too much.

  • Damage from 0-50m: 150 Body, 255 Head, 127 Leg


There are 2 heavy weapons in the game


Ares is a very expensive choice for a weapon that comes with plenty of bullets if you are into spraying bullets. However, this weapon has high recoil that you can counter if crouched. Having said that, it is nowhere near the best compared to other choices in the Assault rifle category.

  • Damage from 0-30m: 30 Body, 72 Head, 25 Leg
  • Damage from 30-50m: 28 Body, 67 Head, 23 Leg


This is an upgraded version of Ares, where it has a high rate of fire and will allow you more movement while using it as compared to Ares.

  • Damage from 0-30m: 38 Body, 95 Head, 32 Leg
  • Damage from 30-50m: 31 Body, 77 Head, 26 Leg

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