Unleash Your Inner Dragon Knight in Dragon POW! – Dragon-Riding RPG Arrives on Mobile Devices

Dragon POW

Prepare to soar into a fantastical realm filled with dragons as Flow Entertainment and Boltray Games proudly launch Dragon POW! – an innovative dragon-riding adventure RPG that promises an immersive and thrilling gaming experience. Today marks the official release of this highly anticipated title, inviting players into a world brimming with dragon-fueled excitement and unique transformation mechanics.

Dragon POW! isn’t just another RPG; it’s a captivating journey into a fantasy universe where dragon flight shooting, idle cultivation, and Roguelike elements converge to redefine the genre. As brave dragon knights, players will embark on epic adventures alongside dragons boasting diverse attributes. These majestic creatures not only devour ammunition to unleash devastating counterattacks but also transform into enchanting humanoid dragon maidens, adding a distinct layer of cultivation and strategy to the gameplay.

Check out the Fafner gameplay video trailer below:

The game’s enchanting aesthetic design seamlessly blends innovation with fantasy, guiding players through mesmerizing chapter maps and enchanting game settings. Traverse the enigmatic darkness of Shadow Forest, liberate the frozen Ice Dragon from the depths of Cryo Glacier, and uncover the secrets of the Secluded Spirit Mountain, home to mythical Fairies. Dragon POW! offers intuitive one-handed controls and pulse-pounding combat dynamics, ensuring an exhilarating gaming experience that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Additionally, its Roguelike elements allow players to craft their unique skill trees by combining over 100+ skills randomly.

To celebrate the grand launch, Dragon POW! showers players with generous rewards, including 111 free draws and the gift of four transformed dragons (SR “Dandelion” the Wind Dragon, SR “Lyme” the Poison Dragon, SR “Bale” the Fire Dragon, and SSR “Ladon” the Ice Dragon) for completing various in-game tasks. Furthermore, logging into the game during the launch period unlocks abundant rewards such as “Gold 50000,” “Starlight Prayer Stones 15,” and “Dragon Gems 400.”

Dragon POW

In a stunning showcase of the game’s offerings, players are treated to the reveal of UR-level “Fafner,” the Fire Dragon, known for its explosive power and formidable combat prowess capable of delivering decisive blows to formidable foes. Witness “Fafner’s” captivating animations and thrilling combat abilities as showcased below. You can try out Dragon POW! right now on Android and iOS devices.

Would you be interested in playing Dragon POW! and which device would you like to play it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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