Trials of Mana Bosses Guide – How to Defeat

Trials of Mana Bosses Guide

This Trials of Mana Bosses Guide will show you how to defeat all of the main bosses that you will face in the game. In Trials of Mana, you will face God-Beasts along with other main bosses in your adventures.

Our guide will detail all the bosses with their normal/special attacks and give you tips on how to effectively defeat them in the boss battles.

This guide is a work in progress. More bosses will be added soon.

Trials of Mana Bosses Guide

Below we have detailed how to defeat the bosses in the game.

Boss #1 – Machine Golem

You will face the Machine Golem boss twice in the game, where the first time you will be facing two of these golems. The boss battle is quite tough, where each of the golem has 700 health and come with no specific weaknesses.

The first encounter with the Machine Golem is when you reach the Stonesplit Gap on the Bridge to Valsena. In this fight, you have to fight two individual bosses together. Both the enemies will attack you with their normal attacks that deal high damage, but they also have special attacks in their arsenal.

The most damaging special attack is the Rocket Launcher that deals 100 damage to any chosen target. This attack only hits one target, meaning your other characters will be safe. The attack might take out your character, leaving you with no option but to revive them or continue the battle without the character.

Your task in the fight is to focus on one golem first rather than attacking both. This will immensely make the fight easier for you in the long run, and will save you the twice the rocket launcher attacks that can overwhelm you and your allies. Once you have defeated one of the golem, you can focus on the other, revive your teammates and begin the onslaught.

Boss #2 – Harcypete

You will find this boss when you are in the quest to open the gates towards the Mana Holyland. This boss relies on Wind elemental where she has the Air Blast and Speed up attacks that she uses on targets. She can also launch a target in the air and slam them on the ground to put them to sleep.

On the other hand, her Speed Up only activates when you have drained 25% percent of her health. This allows her to become more agile, and tougher for you to accurately land your shots. You can counter this by having Hawkeye who can keep up with the speed up of Harcypete.

Boss #3 – Zehnoa

This boss fight is pretty difficult and can be quite overwhelming. It is also where things start getting serious with boss fights, just as a heads up of what is to come later. At the beginning of the fight, the boss will spawn many obstacles between the two of you. The obstacles that pop out can be quite damaging for you and your allies. This includes the close range arrows that pop up from the ground.

To make things easier, or to effectively take down Zehnoa, you need water to put out its fire. This will significantly weaken the boss and allow you to get up close and attack directly at it. Every time you see the flam rise up in its mouth, just rush to use water to extinguish the flame and then focus all your allies to attack. This is the best way to effectively take down Zehnoa.

Boss #4 – Bill and Ben

These are two ninja characters that face you in this boss battle. Like the Machine Golems, Bill and Ben come two different times in the gameplay, getting tougher the second time you meet them.

In the first encounter, both the bosses will use several attacks to hit you and your team. After you have dealt enough damage to both of them, they separate from each other and fight as two individuals with their own ability to attack anytime. To make things easier in this battle, it is best to have Kevin or Duran in the team as they can slash away plenty of health from the bosses.

In the second stage of the fight when the two of them separate, make sure you have high HP for all allies. The fight duration is significantly reduced if you have both Kevin and Duran on your team.

Boss #5 – Beast Ludgar

This boss is also one of the toughest bosses you will face, who has a variety of attacks to use against you. The first few attacks involve the wall of flames that sprouts up from the ground. Just before the attack begins, the ground is highlight with a marked area where the attack will take effect. It is best to dodge away from this marked area if you want to survive getting damage.

Another one of its attack is where it charges towards a target and clutches them for a quick attack from its fangs. In addition, Ludgar can also bring forth some projectiles towards you, including the ice ball that it first charges and hits the target with.

Lastly, one of its dangerous attack includes one target that he first launches and then lands on. This causes massive damage to any target that he chooses.

The best way to defeat Ludgar is to first stagger him, which will allow you some time to deal as much damage to him as possible. In the last phase of the battle, Ludgar becomes tougher as he goes into rage. This where fire starts to emanate from its body towards you.

Boss #6 – Fiegmund

This boss appears when you make your way through the labyrinth and confront the beast. This boss will evade much of your attacks by disappearing and then reappearing from the battle area. This means that it will mostly evade your physical attacks.

Fiegmun is weak to fire attacks and magic, while on the other hand, you will only heal it if you use water-based attacks. Its normal attacks include Tongue attack and Snowflakes Fly, which only target one player. On the other hand, it has the Ice Cradle and Icicle special attacks that will deal damage to all player in the team.

Boss #7 – Mispolm

This giant pumpkin face boss can be found in Woods of Wandara. The boss is immobile and relies on its large vines it attacks you with. You have to be careful of this attack, as it can grab one of your characters and then slam them on the ground to deal 200 damage.

The Mispolm has a variety of attacks, where its normal attacks include Poison Bubble which absorbs a little MP and has a poison effect on a single target. The Grenade bomb will not only damage but will also absorb a target’s MP. Lastly, its Sleep flower puts the target to sleep, while it also has the Counter Magic that reflects any magic spells.

Its special attacks includes Pumpkin Bomb that deals moderate amounts of magical damage to all characters, and the Killstinger that deals heavy magical damage.

Boss #8 – Land Umber

This boss is found right at the end of Gemstone Valley and is quite a menacing looking boss when you face it. It’s hands are both used as a weapon and act as his health. This means that attacking the hands will not only slow down its attacks, but also get you closer to defeating it.

The boss is Earth elemental, which means using Earth based attacks will only help it by healing. However, the weakness of this boss is based on Wind based attacks and magic. Moving on to Land Umber’s own attacks, it has three normal attacks which are Hammer Punch, Iron Claw, and Crash Ball. Each of these attacks targets one character when dealing damage.

In addition to the normal attacks, Land Umber has just one special attack which is called the Hyper Cannon. This cannon attack deals damage to every player in your team.

Boss #9 – Dangaard

This boss can be found in Gusthall when you reach towards the end of the area. Dangaard is an eagle looking bird creature that has two eagle heads. The battle takes place in the air, when all your characters fly on the Flammie Drum.

Dangaard is a Wind elemental boss, which means you should stay away from using Wind based attacks and magic. On the other hand, it is weak to Earth based attacks. It has two normal attacks which are Flying Wing, and Roar. The Roar attack can hit two targets and deal damage.

Dangaard also has two special attacks that deal damage to all characters in your team. These special attacks are the Air Slasher and the Thunderball.

Boss #10 – Lightgrazer

This boss is found when you make your way to the Shimmering Ruins. This enemy can teleport from one place to the other in the battle area, making it tough to keep a track of. It can also heal itself by using its Heal Light magic, which will replenish when it reaches 25% health.

In addition, you deal most damage by targeting its eye, which is right at the center of the body. The Lightgrazer will occasionally attack with its normal attacks which are the Rock Skipping and the Attack Power Down. The latter is when it leaps up in the air and comes smashing down at a target. This attack can be easily dodged as the Lightgrazer’s position is given away by its shadow just before slamming on the ground.

It also has two special attacks which are the Prisoner and the Geyseblast. Both the special attacks will target all the characters in your team.

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This guide is a work in progress. More bosses will be added soon. Post your comments below.

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