How to Get the Trade Secrets Quest in Fallout 76

How to Get the Trade Secrets Quest in Fallout 76

The Trade Secrets quest in Fallout 76 can be tricky to get, but is required for you to get inside Vault 79. The quest gives you the drill that lets you inside this vault, meaning that players will have to find this item by first unlocking and then completing the Trade Secrets quest in Fallout 76.

How to Get the Trade Secrets Quest in Fallout 76

The Trade Secrets quest in Fallout 76 first requires you to complete the Overseer quest until you reach the stage where you learn about the mountain’s secrets, completing the quest. With that secured, you need to go find the Foundation Leader to get the tools from them. If you have good persuasion and charm, these tools won’t be hard to get.

Once you have the tools, the Trade Secrets quest will unlock, allowing you to now play the quest and complete the task for Paige.

How to Complete Trade Secrets Quest

The first objective in the Trade Secrets quest is to head to the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters and complete The Motherlode part of the quest. This is required to access the underground laboratory where Daniel Hornwright used to work on the mining robot.

Follow the straightforward tasks in the quest until you reach a point where you need to print a keycard, and disable the lasers blocking the way. To print the keycard, you need to go to the top of the mansion and into Penelope Hornwright’s computer to print the keycard.

However, the computer will be locked before you can use it, meaning that you will need to find clues nearby. You actually need three items, where the first is the Charleston Herald – Tragedy Hits Hornwright, sitting right on the wheelchair in the master bedroom above.

The second is the RSVP card that is on the lounge on the easter end, while the third is the Hornwright Industrial Notice, sitting on the table at the helipad.

Head back to Penelope’s computer and put in the combinations until the keycard is printed. Continue in the quest until you find Penelope herself, and she will require you to find the Experimental Schematics and a Pip-Boy construction kit.

To get the Pip-Boy construction kit, you need to go to the maintenance area in the Vault-Tec University simulation Vault. Here you will have to fight an Assaultron before you can reach the construction kit. The second item is the schematics, which are found in the basement of the house that belongs to the Vault-Tec University professor.

Return back to Penelope and she will now require some items for the maintenance and upgrade of The Motherlode. The items required are:

  • Altimeter Chip: Can be found at the Stingray Deluxe
  • Eyebot Sensor Module: Can be obtained from any eyebot that you find.
  • Interpolator: Can be obtained from a Robobrain close to the RobCo Research Center.

Finding all the parts will complete the quest, and all that’s left to do is to head back and talk to Paige

That’s how you can complete the Trade Secrets quest in Fallout 76. Post your comments below.

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