Total War Saga: Troy Trading Guide – How to Trade, Barter Items, Trade Regions

Total War Saga: Troy Trading Guide

This Total War Saga: Troy Trading Guide will show you how trading works in the game, how you can trade and barter resources, and also how you can trade regions. There is no real concept of money in the game, and any sort of economy is vmeasured by the resources you have.

The resource materials are your way of trading for items, recruiting units, building structures, and other important gameplay features. If you need to know anything about resources and how to get them, read out Resources Guide.

Total War Saga: Troy Trading Guide

Below we have detailed how trading works, how to barter items, and how to trade regions.

How to Trade

Total War Saga: Troy is not only about battling your way to winning the campaign, and will heavily rely on how you manage your resources for survival. Trading plays a big part in the game allowing you to go purchase important items to progress in the game, without having to declare war on a settlement.

Trading also improves your relationship with other settlements, especially with friendly settlements. The most common way to Trade is with the five different resource materials in the game. These are Food, Wood, Stone, Bronze, and Gold.

The most basic way of trading is by looking into your Treasury and looking for items you require and don’t need. From there, you can look up at the different factions with what they have to offer and what they require in return. Any items that are highlighted in green means that they are interested in that type of material. A red color indication on an item means that they do not need it.

How to Barter

There are two ways to barter which are the Single Barter and the Continuous Barter. A single barter will give you a lump sum of resources immediately after the deal is done. This method is best for when you need little items to build something, or to keep the economy afloat for another turn.

On the other hand, the continuous barter is a long term trading deal that will last from five to ten turns. This is more profitable in the long run but does require you to keep looking at the inventory check that you don’t run out of some resources.

When Bartering for any resource items, you will see that the Barter menu will show a number at the bottom in the middle. If the number is red or in the negative, the party will not accept the trade. However, if you stay in the green or positive number, this will increase your relationship with the other faction who will be happy with the trade.

Trading Regions

Regions are a high value trading item that requires you to offer a single or multiple regions just to get the region you want. Depending on the value of the region you are looking for, you might need to give up more of your own regions to get what you are looking for.

Region trading can not only increase your relationship with other factions but also brings you one step closer to rule all the regions in the game without having the need to go to war.

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