Total War Saga: Troy Resources Guide – How to Get Gold, Bronze, Stone

Total War Saga: Troy Resources Guide

This Total War Saga: Troy Resources Guide will show you everything you need to know about the types of resources in the game and detail the ways you can obtain them. There are a handful of ways that can get you resources material, where some pose more risk for the reward, while other ways like Trading makes it safe for you.

There are 5 different types of resources that are vital for your survival and growth in the game. Resources can be thought of as money as they can be used for different processes of the gameplay.

Total War Saga: Troy Resources Guide

Below we have detailed all the resources and how to get them


There are 5 different types of resources:

  • Food: This is the most basic resource material that allows you to grow the population, and also recruit men in your army.
  • Wood: This item is mainly used to build all sorts of structures in the early stages of the game.
  • Stone: This is for more advanced buildings like temples and other unique structures.
  • Bronze: This is the most precious item in our opinion, which not only highlights a powerful army but also makes your army and Elite Troops more powerful
  • Gold: This is a rare resource item that can be used to barter, upgrade special buildings, and recruit special units unique to each Hero. Gold is not infinite and can run out.

Each of these items is vital for your survival. Managing between each of the items, especially Food, Wood, and Stone will allow you to succeed in the campaign of Total War: Saga.

How to Get Resources

There are three main ways of getting resource material. The first is the most obvious one, which is to occupy the settlement that has the material you are looking for. This is the best way to get the material you want but also has the most risk as you are going to war with the settlement.

The second way is by Trade, which cuts down the risks in getting what you want. Occupying a settlement just to get the materials can be risky for you, especially if you go against friendly settlements, or have to go quite the long way to reach a settlement.

The last way is to win battles. This is the least reliable way to get materials, as it depends on what enemy you are fighting against and what the payout is. We would suggest that you treat this method just as a bonus reward for winning battles.

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This concludes our Total War Saga: Troy Resources Guide. Post your comments below.

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