Total War Saga: Troy Buildings Guide – Military Buildings, Temples, Resource Buildings

Total War Saga: Troy Building Guide

This Total War Saga: Troy Buildings Guide will show the different types of buildings that you can construct in the campaign. From your Main Settlement building to other minor settlements, you have various choices for buildings that include resource buildings, military buildings, special buildings, and Temples.

Buildings play a big part in growing your settlement. From resources that can provide you with ample supply of food and other valuable materials like bronze, to Military buildings specialized to protect your settlement from attacks.

Total War Saga: Troy Buildings Guide

Below we have detailed the types of buildings in the game and how they work.

Main Settlement Building

The Main Settlement building represents the whole settlement whether it is your major or minor settlement. Your Main Settlement building has a lot of upgrade options that are vital for the growth of the settlement, and open more options for additional building types that you can choose.

Depending on the type of settlement, your major settlement will have eight slots of buildings that you can go for. On the other hand, if you have other minor settlements, you will have four slots for buildings. Unlocking the slots requires you to upgrade your main settlement buildings, which is something you should focus on first.

Military Buildings

These are the basic buildings that allow you to train your troops. Leveling up the buildings opens up more options in this category that can give you more powerful units in your army.

On the other hand, you can also have defensive buildings like the Watchtower, which restricts enemy movements in your region. You can also choose the Guard House for extra troops, ready to fight when needed. Just be careful with the happiness of the troops as it comes with this penalty.

Special Buildings

Upgrading Special Buildings depends on the faction you are playing with, the settlement itself, and the region it is located in. Special buildings include buildings that can enhance your troops or give you better diplomatic relations, and also give you access to mythical units.

While they might not seem the top priority, it is best you take a look at each of these Special buildings to take advantage of.

Administration Buildings

There are many sorts of other buildings in this category that you can choose from. These come in various types to boost your population in the settlement. There are a lot of options that you can go for depending on what you require the most, and what can help you in the long run.

Buildings in this category allow you to increase the happiness, influence, and the population itself. In addition, you also have choices for buildings that increase the percentage of resources gathered, while other buildings that reduce the recruitment costs of troops and buildings.


Every god in the game has one temple that will allow the gods to grant Favor with powerful effects if you build their temple in your region. Temples will also give you access to the Priestess agent when you level up the building.

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  1. Hello I have a question, currently playing Ithaca and I captured the province capital of Cassope and all of the settlements for the region but at Cassope only allows for one building slot and I also have the same problem in Dolopeis a settlement in the region, is it some short of ingame issue or a balancing mechanism in game I just don’t know of

    1. Ithaca got a thing where it gets 5 tiers instead of 3 for the port building, but is limited to one building slot in settlements without a port. Best stay coastal with them.

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