Total War Saga: Troy Agamemnon Guide – Mechanics, Playstyle, Homeric Victory

Total War Saga: Troy Agamemnon Guide

Total War Saga: Troy Agamemnon Guide will show you the two mechanics of Agamemnon King of Mycenae, his playstyle, and what his Homeric Victory requirements are.

Agamemnon is an Epic Warlord from the Mycenae faction who is driven by an all-encompassing lust for power and glory and become the High King of all Achaeans. We will detail his Lion’ Share and the King of Men ability that comes special to this hero.

Total War Saga: Troy Agamemnon Guide

Below you will find the abilities of Agamemnon, his playstyle and his Homeric Victory.

Agamemnon Abilities

Agamemnon has two very special abilities that are Lion’s Share and the King of Men. The Lion’s Share is a unique ability that lets Agamemnon demand a tribute from each of his vassals. This allows him to collect tribute from each of his vassals after every turn. Agamemnon can also pick any vassal and demand an unknown lump sum of resources.

The amount depends on your relationship with the vassal, and the tribute does not depend on the amount the vassal has to give. This means that you can ask for whatever you require. This can backfire if you overuse this method as an ally can turn into an enemy if you abuse the power.

The other ability is the King of Men where he can offer political positions to other heroes that give them extra benefits. This in return will provide benefits to the realm and increases their loyalty to Agamemnon. This special mechanic of Agamemnon can give you a significant boost over other factions.

Homeric Victory Conditions

If you are interested in the Homeric Victory conditions for Agamemnon, you are required to complete a set of objectives that will take your faction to victory. The Homeric Victory conditions for Agamemnon are as follows:

The first objective is to complete 13 epic missions in the campaign. Your next task is to destroy or defeat the following factions:

  • Troy
  • Hector of Troy
  • Paris of Troy

The next objectives are to hold the settlement of Troy, and maintain at least 60% influence in the following:

  • Mycenaeca
  • Tirynthia
  • Argolis
  • Arcadia and Pylos
  • Aegialeia
  • Troas
  • Ide
  • Ilion
  • Dardania
  • Melas

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