Total War Saga: Troy Achilles Guide – Hero Mechanics, Homeric Victory

Total War Saga: Troy Achilles Guide

This Total War Saga: Troy Achilles Guide will show you the two mechanics of Achilles Warlord of the Myrmidons, his playstyle, and the Homeric Victory conditions that are related to him.

Achilles is an epic fighter from the Phthia faction in the game and is undoubtedly the mightiest hero the world has ever known. His seeming invincibility in combat was the subject of much myth and conjecture.

Total War Saga: Troy Achilles Guide

Below we have detailed Achilles mechanics and playstyle along with eh Homeric Victory conditions.

Achilles Mechanics

The first mechanic special to Achilles is The Living Legend, which is a special panel that shows you other heroes that challenge Achilles. From the same panel, you can either find or fight them, or you can demand recognitions from these heroes. If Achilles rank is high, they will opt for no confrontation and acknowledge your might. If the target has a higher rank, they might challenge you for a friendly duel or refuse altogether. Refusal allows you to find them on the map and then fight them.

Winning battles or duels will affect the mood of Achilles. This is another mechanic called Hot Blooded Achilles, where four different emotions rule the great warrior. The moods come with different side effects that have both positive and negative effects.

The Hot-Blooded Achilles mechanic has the following moods:

Mood Effect
Proud In this mood, Achilles is rational in his decisions and has no side effects.
Indignant Achilles is indignant, ignoring diplomacy and indulging in festivities:

  • +30% to all resources (factionwide)
  • +10% to happiness (this province)
  • -10 to influence (factionwide)
  • -50 to deal evaluation for all diplomatic agreements
Grieving Achilles is grieving. The people, echoing his mood, turn to prayer.

  • Favour from the gods: +20% from temples (factionwide)
  • +200 to experience of all units per turn (Achilles’ army)
  • Favour from the priestess rituals: +20% (own characters factionwide)
  • -7 to happiness (factionwide)
Outraged Achilles rages and hungers for war. Ignoring the farmers.

  • +40% to melee attack of all units (Achilles’ army)
  • +100% to treasures looted after battle (own characters factionwide)
  • +10% to casualty replenishment rate of all armies (own armies factionwide)
  • +25% to damage of all units (Achilles’ army)
  • +100% to income from raiding, looting and sacking (own armies factionwide)
  • -30% to all resources (factionwide)
  • -50% growth (factionwide)

Achilles Playstyle

Achilles is always looking for the offensive, seeking to defeat all challengers until no one’s left to dispute his supremacy. The glory that has gotten to his head plays a big role in the mood changes that he goes through, with their side effects to the whole faction and troops.

The best way to conquer with Achilles and lead to the ultimate victory is to manage the moods and making use of the effects that come with them. Reaping the benefits from each mood, whether it is Outraged or Grieving will give you multiple benefits that you can work around with.

Achilles’ elite light and medium units are best suited for lightning offensive early on but would be valuable even against heavy defenders if used tactically later.

Homeric Victory Conditions

If you are interested in the Homeric Victory for Achilles, you are required to complete a set of objectives that will take your faction to victory. The Homeric Victory conditions for Achilles are as follows:

  • Complete of all the 12 epic missions
  • Reach level 27
  • Destroy the factions: Troy, Hector of Troy, Paris of Troy.

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