Todd Howard Has Seen PS5 And Xbox Anaconda In Action

PS5 Xbox Anaconda

Todd Howard commented on the PS5 and upcoming Xbox Anaconda and he mentioned that he is in a position where he can have access to consoles well in advance. He mentioned that he was one of the first people to demo the Nintendo Switch and he might have just hinted that he knows what the PS5 and Xbox Anaconda are capable of.

Todd Howard also mentioned that both Sony and Microsoft have learned from their mistakes and will not make then again with the launch of the upcoming next-generation consoles. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

One of the big benefits of my position is I get to see stuff really early. I was one of the first people ever to see the Switch; that was one of the best hardware demos I have ever seen. The things Sony and Microsoft are doing are, in my mind–no one is screwing up at the starting line which some people have done before.

Both the PS5 and upcoming Xbox Anaconda are expected to release in 2020. With E3 2019 around the corner, there is a lot of anticipation that Microsoft could talk about the next console. Microsoft could get a head start if it announces its console at the expo and it comes out sometime this year.

Todd Howard mentioned that he thinks that the upcoming generation of consoles is going to be amazing. Not only is the hardware going to be great but the business model as well. Todd Howard went on to mention the following:

Everybody is focused on the right things, and in particular, it helps the kind of games that we make tremendously. Everybody has learned their lessons in some good ways and some hard ways. And they are very very thoughtful about their audience and the developers. My view of it is it’s going to be awesome across the board. Not just the systems but the business models.

While we are talking about Microsoft, the company has announced that it is bringing the Xbox Game Pass to PC. This will allow PC users to access more than 100 games for a small monthly subscription. We will be able to learn more about Microsoft’s plans at E3 2019.

Let us know what you think about the PS5 and upcoming Xbox Anaconda and which one you are more interested in getting.

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