Tim Sweeney: Epic Games Loves Microsoft Now, Despite Previous Issues

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Tim Sweeney, the boss of Epic Games used to be against Microsoft and talked about how Windows 10 universal platform could make Steam worse over time. It seems that much has changed since then and Tim Sweeney has now mentioned that Epic Games loves Microsoft.

Tim Sweeney mentioned how Epic Games is actually pleased with what Microsoft is doing right now. He talked about how the HoloLens is now an open platform just like Windows. He also touched on the Xbox Game Pass and other services. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

Epic is thrilled with everything Microsoft is doing and we feel that we couldn’t be happier with the directions they’ve taken on all their platforms. There’s HoloLens, now an open platform. There’s Windows, a completely open platform. And Microsoft is launching new Microsoft services of all sorts through the Windows Store. And then there’s also Microsoft Game Pass. And those are existing side by side with everybody else’s services. And it’s a really healthy ecosystem, which everybody participates in.

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Tim Sweeney also talked about the Xbox and how consoles are a fair model in the eyes of Epic Games. His remarks have changed over the years. He mentioned how funding software through hardware is a reasonable plan. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

And then there is Xbox. Consoles are a unique thing. They are television-attached gaming devices, as opposed to like general computing platforms. You’re not doing spreadsheets there. And so it was a different experience and also generally consoles over their history are subsidized hardware and so the hardware recoup some money from software sales. Epic is completely satisfied that their economic models are fair.

He also mentioned that if a couple of developers got together to make a console the Epic Games would do the same as well. This could be in light of the upcoming MadBox from Slightly Mad Studios but we are not sure.

Furthermore, Microsoft is going big this year at E3 2019 and you can expect to hear about the upcoming next-generation Xbox as well. We are also going to get information regarding new games that the company is working on. The company is also working on introducing the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription as well.

Let us know what you think about Tim Sweeney’s statement and what you think has changed over the years for Epic Games to love Microsoft out of nowhere.

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