The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update Introduces FREE Level 99 Blackout Cosmetics and More

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update

Gun Interactive has rolled out a thrilling update for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the popular 3v4 asymmetric multiplayer horror game. Following the XBOX UNHALLOWEEN SALE, this update brings a wealth of new content, fixes, and enhancements to amplify the gaming experience.

The standout feature of this update is the introduction of FREE Level 99 Blackout Cosmetics, an enticing reward for dedicated players who have achieved Level 99. These cosmetics offer all-black versions of each character’s base outfit, showcasing a sleek and menacing appearance. Notably, Virginia and Leatherface have special considerations: Virginia will receive her Blackout Cosmetic shortly, while Leatherface’s outfit has been replaced with an all-black chainsaw named Oil Slick.

Check out the Launch Trailer below:

Players can anticipate forthcoming Leatherface Cosmetics to align with the iconic Nicotero Leatherface style. As the figurehead of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre franchise, Leatherface’s cosmetics aim to maintain his status as an icon while staying true to the essence of his character.

For players who have already reached Level 99, the Blackout Cosmetics will automatically unlock after updating their game. Gun Interactive expresses gratitude to players for their dedication and time spent in the immersive world of Muerto County.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update

Additionally, players now have the option to purchase the Sissy Wildflower Outfit for $2.99, featuring an elegant flower-print dress for a charming yet distinctive look.

For a comprehensive overview of all changes, bug fixes, and additions, players can refer to the full patch notes available on the TCSM Community Hub.

The latest update to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre elevates gameplay with striking new cosmetics, further enhancing the spine-chilling atmosphere and immersive horror experience for players.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update

Previously, Gun Interactive announced a development team change as Black Tower Studios takes over the game for all future content. Other announcements include a new DLC release and horror icon Barbara Crampton joining the roster as an upcoming character. The game has also managed to sell over 1.1 million units.

What are your thoughts on the new Level 99 Blackout cosmetics arriving in the game? Would you be interested in trying them out in the latest The Texas Chain Saw Massacre update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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