The Sinking City Letters from Oakmont Walkthrough – Finding All Letters

The Sinking City Letters from Oakmont

In this The Sinking City Letters from Oakmont Walkthrough, we will guide you on how you can solve the side case Letters from Oakmont in The Sinking City. This is the very first Side Case that you get in the game and this will take quite a long time to complete as the requirements for completion are spread over the entire map. This side case is a collection of numerous short cases so naturally, you will be required to visit a lot of places to complete it.

We have curated this The Sinking City Letters from Oakmont Walkthrough in which we will detail the locations of all the cases in this side quest. There are 11 locations that you have to visit in order to solve each and every letter in this side case. We have detailed all of the below so that you can easily find and complete them all. Some of the locations are pretty straight forward while some locations will have Wylebeasts you try to acquire some ammo and weapons before jumping in them.

Letter from Oakmont Walkthrough – The Sinking City

There are 11 small side quests that you must solve in order to fully solve this side case. To get these letters, after waking up in Devil’s Reef Hotel for the first time, you must go down the stairs and speak with the hotel owner. Ask him about checking the stuff left behind by the previous hotel guests and he will give you a bunch of letters which will initiate the side quest ‘Letters from Oakmont’ in the Casebook.

This side case has 11 letters and each one will point you to a different location where you must go and scope out the area in order to find a letter. Some of these locations are pretty safe and you will not encounter any enemies but some areas will have Wylebeasts so you will need to go there well-prepared. We have detailed below in our walkthrough whether a location is dangerous or not. In addition, our sequence of the letters is that same that is present in your Casebook however you can solve them in any order that you like.

Forlorn Woman

The first letter in your casebook is named Forlorn Woman. You can access the letter in your Casebook for directions on where to go. It mentions that she last went to the eastern part of the Salvation harbor near the crossing of Fitz O’Callahan Street and Oldchurch road. The place you are looking for is a building at the corner of Fitz O’Callahan Street and Oldchurch Road. Enter the building and go upstairs. You will find the letter sitting on a table inside the bedroom.

Lone Child

The second letter is Lone Child and points to the corner of St. Elmo Lane and Kingsport Street. There is a building here which can only be accessed with the boat. There are some platforms over the water as well but they will do you no good so you must use a boat. There is a large number of fungal outgrowth in this area however you will find the entrance of the building pretty easily on the left side.

Get off your boat and head inside the building. You can look on the ground floor for some supplies and then go upstairs and check the brick wall. Use Mind’s Eye here and it will reveal a passage for you behind the wall. Go inside and pick up the letter sitting on the floor near the toys. This is a safe building so you will not need to use any ammo here.

Mirrors, Mirrors!

Similar to the last letter, you will need to use a boat for this one as well. Head to Advent and make your way to the intersection of Purity Road and Oak Street located on the south-west side of the district. The entrance of the building is located on the right side next to some windows with a pattern. You will easily notice the entrance.

You will encounter Wylebeasts in this building so it is best that you bring some ammo with you. Clear the building and check the room which is blocked with the boards. Use melee to open it up and pick up the letter from the table next to a lantern. Make sure you use melee for breaking down the boards. Do not waste your ammo on it.

Disgusting Exaltation

For this letter, you must get access to a house located in south Oldgrove. This is actually located in the block on the opposite side of the Fast Travel point which is located in front of the Throgmorton Manor. If you are accessing the Warwick Street from the Fast Travel point, the house is located on the right side and is the second one from the intersection. Kill the monsters in the building and explore it for some supplies. The letter is found on the first floor.

Call of the Ocean

You will find the building for this letter at the corner of E. Brown Street and St. Michael’s Road in The Shells. The building is located right at the intersection where the boat dock is located. Enter the building and go to the upper floor. You will find a weird shell sitting on a table. You must use Mind’s Eye to examine it and obtain the letter sitting under it.

Static in Ears

Go to Reed Heights and make your way to Healog St. There, go to the intersection of Healog St. and Lumbert St and turn towards the Lumber St. The building will be located on your left side right in the middle of this street between Healog St and Bullock St and it is full of monsters. It is best that you come here when you have the shotgun with you because you will encounter the biggest Wylebeast here. Once the building is clear, go to the ground floor where you will find the letter sitting on a table.

Voice from the Pipes

This building is located at the intersection of Eibon St, Ward St and Baker St in Reed Heights. Once you locate the building, head inside and make your way to the upper floor where you will find the letter sitting on a table. Clear the area of monsters on your way out for some extra XP.

From Behind!

This building is located at the end of Murdock Avenue in west Advent. From the dock, start moving towards the land and you will find the entrance on the right side. Head to the second floor of this building where you will find the letter. However, after picking up the letter, you will be attacked by some Inssmouthers. Kill them. Watch out at the stairs especially.

Terrible Fetus

This one is located in Reed Heights. Head to Washington Street and while going towards the dock, look to your right where you will find this building. Head inside and pick up the letter from the body covered in the sheets at the top floor of the building. From the outside, there are some clothes handing down on a line at the balcony which makes the building easy to find.

Innsmouther’s Notes

This building is found in Grimhaven Bay. Its exact location is Whisper Street and it is an infested warehouse. Look for the marker on the door and only go in when you are fully stocked on ammo and weapons. The area is infested with monsters.

Lullaby Crossroad

For this letter, you must head to Coverside. The building is located on Beacon Street the corner of Tanner Street and Old Church road. There are some cars parked right outside the building. Go in and check for the letter on a desk in the corner.

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This concludes our The Sinking City Letters from Oakmont Walkthrough. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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