The Sinking City Into the Depths Walkthrough – 100% Completion

The Sinking City Into the Depths

In this The Sinking City Into the Depths Walkthrough, we will detail the walkthrough of the last main case of the game. This is the 9th main case that you will have to investigate, and it is called Into the Depths.

This is the place where Reed has to decide for the final ending of the game. Before that can happen, you have to find and examine three monoliths to get the mission pieces of the Seal.

The Sinking City Into the Depths Walkthrough

Below we have detailed the walkthrough of Into the Depth main case.

Hotel Preparations

The case will begin after you complete the Flying Phoenix investigation. From the start of you get some clues that are The Final Step and the Seal of Cthygnaar. Go to Devil’s Reef Hotel and watch the cutscene on the ground floor of the hotel.

Go to Reed’s Room and you will find different papers attached to the board on the wall. This will be relative to your choices in the previous cases. Open your Mind Palace and combine I am the Seed and The Seed might not die. This will give you the I might survive deduction. Log entry Putting Everything Together.

Church of St. Michael

Now you have to go to the St. Michael’s Church that is in Advent district. Before you head inside, look at the car with the gasoline cans. Now you should go and examine the church from the inside.

Here you will find a container of loot and ammo. Also, take the note titled Cleanse Yourselves! Now lift the canister and an eye icon will appear on the lid. Next to the altar is where you can use Mind’s Eye to see the past events of the ceremony of self-immolation. Now check the entrance of the basement which has a Warning Note.

When you are done, go up to the second floor to talk to Meryl. She will tell you about the Clues to Find the Monoliths. In the conversation, scare her with death in torment so that she does not self-immolate. This will give you the Damage Control trophy.

You can open the Mind Palace. Combine clues The Cycle will repeat and Cthygonnaar holds the Daughter. There will be two deductions to choose from – Restart the Cycle and save mankind and Restarting the Cycle is useless. Of course, this is just the thoughts of a hero, not a binding decision. Regardless of the selected conclusions, at the game’s finale, you may choose every ending

Now you can continue with the exploration in the church. Search the container of loot and take the shopping list from the desk. Now go to the podium near a barrier and take The Book of Holy Flame and a Key. This key will give you access to the basement.

The first room in the basement will contain small loot, a trap and a book that you can interact with on the desk. Use the Mind’s Eye to get rid of the illusion. This will bring out monsters. In the second room of the basement will be a chest with loot, there is also a bottle of laudanum to inspect, and the Dream Diary that you can take form the desk.

Now you will find Priest’s Records. Go tot eh area where you can now use Mind’s Eye, match the symbols and you will find the missing part of the seal. Stay in the basement and keep using the mind’s eye. This time you need to find the illusion from the attached image. After the symbols merge, a log will appear. Take it and find the eye icon to open it – you will receive Father Nicholas’ Instruction, First Part of Instructions and Second Part of Instructions. You will now have completed the church 100%

Coastal Monolith

Go to the Oakmont Chronicle and go to its archive. For evidence select the First Part of Instructions. Period should be After the Flood, and People should be Celebrities. The Section category should be Articles and Interviews.

This will give you a note about Incredible Discoveries. This will allow you to find the Coastal Monolith. Go to the eastern part of the map, in the Old Colony Street on the border between Coverside and Grimhaven Bay. You can examine the surroundings of the monolith.

Look for the small loot container and check the scope. Examine the scuba equipment. Find a log with The Last Message, and inspect the monolith to fix the missing piece of the Seal. Open the Mind Palace and connect clues No sign of the Kayfinger and Kayfinger beneath the azure cloak – you will unlock a deduction called Dive to complete the Seal.

Now you can activate the Mind’s Eye and follow the appearing sign in the form of a flying creature. You will be led to House of Jimmy Price, which is just next door. The entrance to the building is closed, but in the place shown in the picture you can climb and reach the first floor of the house.

Explore the house where you will find 3 containers of loot and a letter from a Relative. Take the Newspaper Article and jump into the large hole in the floor to get to the ground floor. Here you will meet with Jimmy Price who will give you the Set of Wooden Crosses and Fisherman’s Key. Use this key to get through the red door. This new room will contain the Fisherman’s Farewell Note that you can read. Interact with the diving suit and put it on for the dive.

Second Seal Fragment

When you are underwater, you need to follow the route marked by the lamps. There will be a monster here that you can hit with the harpoon. If you decide to fulfill Jimmy’s wish, you can find the 3 mummified corpses on the route. Interact with each corpse to leave the wooden cross next to them.

Immediately after passing the third drowned man, reach the place shown in the picture. Activate the Mind’s Eye and match symbols in order to eliminate the illusion. This will allow you to get the tentacle, which is the second fragment of the Seal. Reed will automatically return to the surface.

If you put crosses on bodies, talk to Jimmy price again. As a reward you will receive XP and a lot of ammunition for your weapons.

Railway Station Monolith

Go to the Railway Station Monolith that is located at the border of the Salvation harbor and Shells districts. Before you examine the monolith, clear all the monsters in the area. Now you can explore the area. Inspect the corpse with a necklace made from monolith’s fragment. Rotate the necklace until the eye icon appears. Look at the corpse with the eaten out facial fragment. Inspect the damaged monolith.

Find on the ground a fragment of the monolith – it is shown in the above image. Rotate the boulder around, looking at the two different eye icons and activating two different Reed’s comments. Inspect the body of a giant monster near the exit of area with the monolith.

Once you are done, enter the blue cloud for Retrocognition for the correct sequence of events. The first is the Men with picks that are working on the monolith. The second is the suspicious sound that can be heard. Last is the appearance of monsters near the monolith.

You will see that the Stone Thieves are a group of fanatics that were breaking down the monolith. The took a large boulder of it and left before the monsters arrived. You can now climb up the barricades and reach the large field next to the abandoned railway station building. The first corpse you will find inside the destroyed building of the railway station.

Now you will see a car that was used to transport monolith fragments. See the damage wheel of the car. Watch a corpse weighed down a car, and lift the log next to the head of the person. Watch the necklace and blood on the back of it. Open the diary and you will get a Stained Diary Page.

Stone Worshippers’ Residence

This residence is at the center of Shells district. You can go there by a boat and dock at the pier to enter the building through a hole in the wall. At the ground floor of you can examine the stone figure, and watch a fragment of the monolith lying on the plate on a long table. Use your Mind’s Eye here and watch the past events where you can see an unusual supper.

Examine more monolith fragments on the cutting table, and loot the container in the corner room. After you are done, head up to the first floor. You can enter through the window on the left. Enter the blue cloud for Retrocognition. The correct sequence of events are that Fanatics put a big stone on the table and begin to “cut” it. Fanatics then sat down for a supper at a long table. Then the fanatics took a large boulder on the floor and hid the key in one of the books.

You will find (Fate of the Monolith Shard) that a large boulder from the monolith was brought into the building. It was partially crushed into smaller pieces, and the largest piece was moved to the floor. Get interested in the book shown in the picture – it’s located on the ground floor of the building. Look at it from all sides and take out A Key.

Now you can explore the first floor of the building. Start with the loot containers and then the large boulder with your Mind’s Eye, when the illusion disappears you will find the last fragment of the Seal. This will complete the Seal of Ctyhgonnaar.

Open your Mind Palace and combine the clues Monolith worshippers have changed and A piece of Monolith you stole. This will give you the Transformed by the Monolith deduction.

Go back to St. Michael’s Church to return the Seal. Enter the basement and fight the last monsters. Now place the seal on the pedestal.

Last Dive

Now you need to let the symbols converge to unlock a dive. Reed will now be transported underwater where you need to be aware of the tentacles. Run around then and use your harpoon to stun monsters.

Follow this route marked by green gates, where you will need to jump to the lower parts of the bottom. n the final part of the campaign you will begin to experience hallucinations and quickly lose health points. Head towards the illuminated cave entrance shown in the picture and do not stop along the way.

Now you will come across locations where Reed will experience hallucinations. Run through it and you don’t have to watch the hallucinations.  Keep observing your mental health bar and use sedatives when it gets empty.

Jump off the deck of the ship and you can now create new entries in the Mind Palace. Combine the Cthygonnaar holds the Daughter and Monoliths are parts of Cthygonnaar – unlock will unlock a deduction called Monoliths touched by the Daughter.

Now you can Combine clues Previous Seeds died and The Cycle will repeat – this will unlock a Restarting the Cycle is suicide deduction. This will take you to a cave where you can choose the ending of the game.

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