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The Sinking City features a big map and you do not have any conventional means for moving around except for the boat that you will be using to cross the flooded streets hence making fast travel a necessity. On the solid ground, you will need to rely on your own two feet to move you around. Surely you can sprint to speed up the process but after some time, you will get really annoyed as you will be required to head to a location on the completely opposite side of the map time and time again.

To complete your investigations, you will go to a lot of locations and not all of these locations will be in close quarters especially in later cases. Lucky for you, The Sinking City comes with a fast travel method which will allow you to teleport quickly to any fast travel location on the map. This will come very handy especially when you are in no mood to walk to the other end of the map. Fast travel will also help you to avoid the many infested areas in the map that might block your way.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in The Sinking City

To unlock fast travel in The Sinking City, you will be required to first explore the map and discover numerous phone booths in the game. There is one located in every major side of the districts. If the districts are big, you will find more than one as well with each one allowing you to travel directly to West, South, East or North of a district.

After you finish the first quest and wake up at the Devil’s Reef Hotel, you will unlock your very first fast travel phone booth. After this, you must another phone booth in any other district or even the same district and you will be able to fast travel between these phone booths. These are conveniently located near to major places so it is vital that you unlock and then later use these fast travel points to make traversing the huge map easy.

The Sinking City Fast Travel

Use these phone booths any time you want to fast travel in the game. They will help you save a lot of time because there is nothing much happening in the game world any way that would serve the purpose of ditching fast travel and exploring the world. It will also help you avoid all the locked down infested areas which force you to take longer routes to move around safely.

If you are unable to find a phone booth to unlock it for fast travel, check the compass on the top of the screen where an icon is displayed in the direction of your nearest phone booth. Start moving toward the icon and eventually it will start to become brighter and brighter until you arrive at the phone booth. Going near the phone booth will unlock it.

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This concludes our The Sinking City Fast Travel guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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