The Sinking City Fathers and Sons Walkthrough – 100% Completion

The Sinking City Fathers and Sons

In this The Sinking City Fathers and Sons Walkthrough, we will detail the walkthrough of the fourth chapter of the game. This is the fourth main case you encounter in the game and it is called Lost At Sea.

In this case, Reed has to find a way to leave the town, but not before meeting two important characters from the Carpenter family, and the Redemption Church fanatics.

The Sinking City Fathers and Sons Walkthrough

Below we have detailed the Fathers and Sons walkthrough of the game.

Tracking Smugglers

This case begins immediately after you complete the third main case Quid Pro Quo. You also get to unlock the first evidence entry Fred’s Demand. The objective here is to find smugglers. You need to go to The Oakmont Chronicle and look at the archive.

The order of the archive should start with Fred’s Demand as evidence. Then choose the Period as After the Flood. The section should be Advertisements, and the District should be Salvation Harbor. With these, you will get the Toothless Bob’s Wake.

Seven Oaks Bar

Now you have to visit The Seven Oaks bar that is in Salvation Harbor. It will be located at the intersection of Calmshore Street and Salvation Road. The first thing you can do here is to talk to Sam Shaw to have an optional conversation. Talking to Shaw will give you the Extra Hours side case.

Continue ahead with the main case and talk to the bartender. Tell him that you are here for the wake. You will have to complete A Favor for the Bartender for the information of the smugglers.

Locating the Courier

For this part, you need to go to the Courier’s Final Destination which will be at Levi Coffin Avenue in Grimhaven Bay. Arrive at this location from the northeast, where there will be an Infested Area near the building. Inside are many monsters and smaller enemies that you have to fight. There are two types of enemies here, small running creatures and larger enemies that shoot projectiles.

Inside here you can find ammo and two loot containers on the ground floor. There is a passage to the upper floor is blocked by wooden boards that need to be broken by a melee attack. Go up and find more ammo, with a suitcase and a briefcase containing random loot.

Head down to the basement where you will find two more containers with loot, while you can inspect the wheel tracks. Examine the dry patches of blood in and then the gas container where the eye icon appears. Next, examine the skeleton attached to the pool. Now you have to use Mind’s eye to locate the wall illusion presented in the picture. Line the symbols up until the wall disappear.

This will open a secret room where you will find a container with loot and A Whisky Crate.

Now you have to find the blue cloud to enter retrocognition for the sequence of events. The first is the man that tries to enter the secret room. Then you see that the man is being pushed on a wheelchair near the stairs. The man on the wheelchair is near the hostage. The prisoner is being tortured by setting on fire.

The conclusion is that a man came here looking for a crate with alcohol but was captured by thugs and the man on the wheelchair, and you get the Murder in the Basement. Now you have to head back The Seven Oaks bar and show the whiskey to the bartender. Inform him that the courier is dead and the man will give you ammo and Bartender’s Instructions.

Finding Smugglers’ Hideout

For this part, you need to go to the Smuggler’s Meeting Point on Windmill Avenue in the Salvation Harbor. Go through the narrow passage that is next to the building, and this will take you out in the back. A cutscene will begin where Reed will meet the smugglers.

Your objective here is to reach the hideout with or without fighting. The best thing you can do is save the game before the cutscene, and then go for the option without fighting. This can be done by choosing the last option in the conversation where you say “Kill it, because the dog is rabid.”

Now agree to travel to the Smugglers’ Hideout, and you will be moved to the hideout’s upper floor.

Meeting Brutus Carpenter

In the hideout, you will meet Brutus Carpenter. You will find out that Brutus can get Fred out of town, but you have to do him a favor first. You need to find out who tried to kill him. This unlocks a few clues: Brutus’ Testimony, Double in the Manor, Crematorium Tag.

Open your Mind Palace and connect the Smugglers’ Boss – ruthless tyrant and Brutus wants to be a better man. This will give you two scenarios, you can choose Brutus is never going to change, or A second chance for Brutus. The final decision is made at the end of the case.

You can also explore the hideout before you leave. Examine the stain on the floor and search the three containers of loot. Now examine the weapon storage and the blood on the wall. You can activate the Mind’s Eye and follow the Ravens to the place with the cloth fragment.

Now head to the basement and loot the three containers. Examine a woman’s corpse here and you will find a memento covered in blood. Activate the Mind’s Eye again and investigate past events. You will find out that the woman was shot by the bandits.

Optionally, you can go talk to Brutus about the murdered woman in the basement.

Visiting the Crematorium

In this case, one of the two places you have to visit is the Crematorium, which is in the southwest part of Reed Heights. Use the boat to get there and start exploring the Crematorium

You will find one and examine one of the urns in the first level of the Crematorium. Search the wardrobe on the same level and you will find loot. Take the Crematorium Registry and the Crematorium Keys from the desk in the morgue. Now you have to look at the Note on the Door that is near the door to the crematorium. Open the door with the keys.

When you go to the second level of the crematorium, you have to examine the yellow substance on the floor. Search the coffin in the crematorium that will give you loot. Examine the poker in the crematorium and two eye icons will appear in two places. Examine the handle and the bloodstains on the back of the poker.

Destroy the lock with a melee weapon and get inside the room. Open the drawer and examine the brush and the yellow substance.

Begin your retrocognition for the correct sequence of events. The conversation in the first level of the morgue, then Brutus wakes up in the crematorium on Level 2. Brutus then hits the crematorium worker with the poker. And Brutus leans on the wall near the stairs.

An Event in the Crematorium – you determine that Brutus has been brought here by people working with the crematorium employee. After he woke up on the table in the crematorium, Brutus hit the employee with the poker and then ran away. The game should inform you that you examined the Crematorium at 100%. Open the Mind Palace. Connect Crematorium shift schedule and Brutus stunned the crematorium worker – you unlock Locate James Warren deduction

Locate James Warren

This part requires you to go to the Hospital of St. Mary – Warren was injured with the poker. Check the archives room and choose Locate James Warren as the evidence. The Subject is Patients, and the Period is After the Flood. Choose Department and then Surgery. This will give you the patient records of James Warren.

Now head to the second level of the hospital where Warren is. Talk to him with all conversation options to get his Testimony.

Examine the Carpenter Manor

Now you have to visit the Carpenter Manor, which is also one of the clues you get after meeting Brutus Carpenter. The manor is on the Goldbridge Road in Oldgrove district. First you have to examine the boards about the free food. Then speak to the guard near the entrance of the manor. Ask him for a First Aid Kit, and offer to help for A Job from the Taskmaster.

When you enter the manor, head straight to the basement where you will find 2 chests with loot and an empty sack of potatoes. Activate your Mind’s Eye and start following the omens in the form of a man. This will lead you to the back exit of the manor. Jump over the fence and eliminate the small monsters. Now talk tot eh man kneeling on the car rooftop.

You can take A Sack of Potatoes and speak to the guard to tell him about the thief, or you can help the man who wants to feed his family. Go back to the guard and explain what has happened.

Both choices will get you to speak to Graham Carpenter. Now you must head upstairs in the manor. Check the Note on Brutus’ Door, and then use Mind’s Eye to follow the flying creature leading you to the kitchen on the ground floor. Examine the open fridge, and you will find The Manor Key to open Brutus’ Room.

Talk to the double in Brutus’ room and examine the small bottle with the eye icon on it. examine the framed photo and then check the safe to take Brutus’ Diary. Open your Mind Palace and connect Brutus met the priest of an old church and Churchgoers wanted Brutus to be cremated. This will unlock Find An Old Oakmont Church.

Now go to Graham Carpenter who is in the second room on the upper level. Examine the room and check the uniform in the cabinet. Pick up the Letter from Boston and read it. Now use your Mind’s eye to examine the altar and go to the place presented to see the events at the church.

Now you can start your conversation with Graham. It depends on what you decided to do with the potato thief. You can tell him that you caught the thief or tell him that he only wanted to feed his family. Graham will give you a first aid kit to give to the man that you can decide to keep for yourself.

Open your Mind Palace, and connect Carpenters are helping poor and Graham wants to change his family – you unlock Graham’s motivated to change things. This will complete the area 100%.

Oakmont Church

Go to Oakmont University Library located in the Advent district. Once you get there, speak with Joy Hayden about every topic. After that, go to the archive desk and choose Find An Old Oakmont Church as your evidence. Then choose Section and then Religion, and choose Period and to be the 17th-19th Century. Lastly, choose Region and then Local.

This will unlock the Prayer to the Heavens. This will give you clues to the Redemption Church. Go to the Salvation Harbor where the Church is at Marsh Avenue. The entrance will be locked but can be broken with a weapon melee attack a couple of times.

Now you have to explore the church. You will find a chest in the ground floor, and a Note from the Church. Go to the altar and use the Mind’s Eye and let the symbols on the altar overlap. This will cause strong hallucination – monsters will spawn. Use Antipsychotics (provided you have any). You should still attack partially invisible monsters. They won’t disappear even when you leave the church. Defeat the nightmares to unlock the Use Protection trophy/achievement.

Continue with the exploration in the church. You will find three statues in the church. Two will be on the ground floor and one on the upper floor. Each of the statues is an illusion that you can use the Mind’s eye with. There is a loot container on the upper floor as well.

Now you have to go to the basement of the church and kill the small monster there. There are three loot containers here, and a yellow substance that you can examine on the ground. Find the body and investigate it. Check the items next to the body which will be the Priest’s Diary and A Rusty Key. Use the key to open the red door and go down to examine the diving suit.

Start a retrocognition. Find the blue cloud and then search for the interactive areas (check all the floors of the church). The correct sequence of events. The speech on the upper floor. The documents are moved down to the basement. The corpses are removed from the basement. The diving suit is put on, and the person went down to the bottom floor.

You will come to the conclusion that the Redemption Church Cult had burnt the corpses, took the documents and then dived. Connect The cultists hid under the church and Church records are taken away – this unlocks The answers are an underwater deduction. Go back to the bottom floor of the church. Interact with the diving suit. Reed will put it and then dive.

Crossing Underwater Terrains

This part involves you to put on the diving suit and going in the depths for exploration. This begins with a large boulder with a glowing sign on it. the stone is an illusion that you can see with the Mind’s Eye. Now go straight and climb to the next fragments of the seabed.

During the crossing, watch for hot air escaping from the holes. It can damage the dive suit. When that happens, hold down the interaction key to repair the suit and recover lost health points for free. The air comes out continuously from some holes.

In other cases, the air is released at intervals. Use these breaks to run through the “inactive” hole and move on. Along the way, you will encounter an underwater creature. You can use a harpoon and “stun” this monster, or simply bypass it while keeping a safe distance.

Now you have to focus on searching posts with inscriptions. Avoid the abyss as you will die if you fall down. Your destination will be illuminated near the cave’s entrance. You will automatically remove the suit and explore the cave.

Religious Fanatics

Loot the two containers near the entrance and search them to craft as much ammo as you can. Now you have to go to the altar which will trigger a conversation with a fanatic. The cultist will attack you and you have to shoot them down. This will be followed by the entrance of a big monster that spits projectiles.

Once you have killed the monster, go to the altar and take the Songs of the horned Woods book. Open your Mind Palace, and connect The church can control Graham and It’s a cult not a church. This will unlock The cultists could manipulate Graham.

A new entry will open up in the Mind Palace with a question mark, with two deductions; Graham will stand firm and Graham – cultists’ puppet.

Search the cave for more loot contains. You will also find a tipped wheelchair and A Letter from the Church. Open the Mind Palace again and connect Churchgoers wanted Brutus to be cremated and Graham had a deal with Church. This will unlock Graham wants to take Brutus’ place. Now you can decide to help Brutus or Graham.

This can be done by either telling Brutus that Graham wants him dead, or help Graham to get rid of Brutus.

Decide to Help Graham

If you decide to help Graham in getting rid of Brutus, you have to return to Carpenter Manor and meet Graham again. Agree to murder Brutus on Graham’s Request, and make your way to the Smugglers’ Hideout. You can attack Brutus by selecting the appropriate dialog option. Beside him, you also have to kill his gangsters. We recommend using a shotgun at the start of the fight – you won’t have to aim accurately. You can also defend yourself near the exit of the office and on the stairs to the ground floor.

After killing Brutus, go back to Graham. The man is thankful. He assures Reed that he will get Fred out of the city. Work together with the son to receive Sic Semper Tyranis trophy/achievement.

Decide to Help Brutus

If you decide to spill the beans to Brutus and tell him about how Graham wanted to kill him, present the evidence to Brutus. Brutus will not want to kill Graham, so this way all fighting can be avoided. The man will then promise to help get Fred out of town,

Meet Fred

Go back to Fred after you are assured of the Escape from Oakmont from Graham or Brutus, depending on your choice. Go to the Fish Market and meet Fred near the stalls or in the basement.

Once the case is completed, you will be rewarded with Gangster outfit, XP, ammo, Battle Rifle.

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