The Last of Us: Part 2 Training Manuals Guide – Where to Find All Training Manuals

The Last of Us: Part 2 Training Manuals Guide

This The Last of Us: Part 2 Training Manuals Guide will show you all the locations where you can find the Training Manuals. These are special Skill Tree unlocks that will allow you to access the skills in Crafting, Stealth, Precision, Explosives, Close Quarters, Ordnance, Covert Ops, Field Tactics, Explosives, and Firearms.

Every skill tree that you want to unlock will require Training Manuals. These are hidden in certain places of some chapters in the game.

The Last of Us: Part 2 Training Manuals Guide

Below we have detailed all the locations where you can find the Training Manuals.

Training Manual


How to Get

Crafting Downtown chapter, Seattle Day 1, Broken Bridge between 7th and 6th Avenue Jump to the bridge by climbing the roof of the truck on the left. Go towards the fire truck, pick up the rope to the right of the truck and throw it down the bridge. Climb down, swing to the other side of the container cart and pick up the Training Manual inside
Stealth Capitol Hill, Seattle Day 1, Book Shop Enter the Book shop through the open window, and go to the Coffee House room. It will be on the wooden table at the far right next to a typewriter.
Precision Hillcrest, Seattle Day 2, Goldstar Liquor shop Enter the liquor shop from the broken window next to the main entrance. Head inside, and jump down the hole to the basement, and go all the way back until you reach a hole in the wall. Crawl underneath, head up the stairs, and pick up the manual next to the decomposed corpse.
Explosives The Seraphites, Seattle Day 2, Apartment When you go through the underpass in this chapter, use the truck to climb up and through the window by breaking it. A room with a workbench will spawn some enemies. Enter the area where the enemies came from to get this manual
Covert Ops On Foot, Seattle Day 1, Boat There is a white boat hanging in inside a building in this chapter. You need to first use the ladder to go above it and then use the same ladder to create a path straight towards the boat. The manual will be inside the boat.
Close Quarters Hostile Territory, Seattle Day 1, Spicy Dumplings This can be found inside the Spicy Dumplings building where you need to get inside from the backside of it. There is a window at the back, right opposite the Tang Fabrics and Imports shop. Climb in and pick it up from the table.
Firearms The Forest, Seattle Day 1, La Rosa’s Auto Shop Head inside the auto shop, and then go to the right inside the break room. The manual will be next to the water dispenser
Ordnance The Coast, Seattle Day 1, Cruise Ship This training manual will be inside a safe that is at the top deck of the ship.

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