The Last of Us: Part 2 Engraved Ring Location Guide – Where to Find

The Last Of Us Part 2 Easter Eggs Guide

The Last of Us: Part 2 has many artifacts in the game that you can collect, and one such artifact is the Engraved Ring. This is a special artifact that you have to look out for as it unlocks its own separate trophy in the game.

If you are looking to complete 100% of the game by sweeping every corner and every area, you will have to get the Engraved Ring as well. This is because collecting the Engraved Ring will unlock the “So Great and Small” trophy.

The Last of Us: Part 2 Engraved Ring Location Guide

Below we have detail where to find the Engraved Ring in The Last of Us: Part 2.

Where to Find Engraved Ring

The Engraved Ring can be found in the Westlake Bank, where it will be inside the vault that you need to unlock. Westlake Bank is south on the map of Downtown Seattle and is a tall building that you can enter through its basement foundation. Climb inside and make your way int the main lobby.

When you arrive in the main area, you will find the large bank teller section with counters. Make your way past this area, towards the vault that will on the right from the counter. Here you will find a small bag containing the code to unlock the Vault. The giant vault door will require you to put in the number combination, which is 60-23-06.

Once the vault door is open, head inside the vault and to the far right. One of the lockers will be highlighted and can be interacted with to open it. The Engraved Ring will be inside this small locker waiting for you to collect it.

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