Kalypso Media and The Dust S.A. Celebrate Launch of The Inquisitor with New Trailer

The Inquisitor Trailer

Publisher Kalypso Media and development studio The Dust S.A. are marking the release of their highly anticipated title, The Inquisitor, with the debut of a new trailer highlighting initial acclaim and excitement from players. Available now on Windows PC via the Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store, and Steam, as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, The Inquisitor invites players to immerse themselves in a gripping tale of mystery, morality, and intrigue.

In The Inquisitor, players assume the role of Mordimer Madderdin, a seasoned investigator tasked with solving a series of grisly murders and uncovering dark secrets in the city of Koenigstein. Amidst rumors of a lurking vampire and whispers of conspiracy, players must navigate a morally ambiguous world where every decision carries weight and consequences.

Check out the new Accolades Trailer below:

The game is priced at $39.99 for the standard edition, offering a captivating narrative experience filled with branching storylines and challenging moral dilemmas. Additionally, players can opt for the Deluxe Edition priced at $49.99, which includes bonus content such as the Original Soundtrack, Digital Compendium, and The Grandmaster’s Attire, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Key Features of The Inquisitor include:

Be the Ultimate Holy Judge and Jury: Assume the role of an Inquisitor tasked with upholding faith and order in a world tainted by sin and corruption. Decide the fate of those you judge in multiple story-driven cases and missions, balancing mercy and adherence to The Holy Law.

A Morally Tainted, Non-linear Tale: Navigate a dark and gritty narrative that challenges your morality with multiple branching story choices. Choose your path as an Inquisitor – one of compassion or one of retribution – and shape the destiny of the world.

Enlightened Sleuthing: Utilize Mordimer’s unique skills and abilities to solve crimes and unravel mysteries. Interrogate suspects, uncover hidden truths, and piece together evidence to make your final judgments.

Delve into the Unworld: Uncover deeper secrets by venturing into the mysterious Unworld, where hidden truths are revealed at great risk. Explore this dark realm while battling the forces that seek to destroy you.

Persuasive Interrogations: Employ various methods and tools, including optional interrogations, to extract information from suspects. Decide the extent of force necessary to uncover the truth, drawing inspiration from the cruel era of justice in the 1500s.

Let Your Sword Do the Talking: Engage in sword-based combat when diplomacy fails, mastering your blade and exploiting enemy weaknesses to overcome challenges and adversaries.

The Inquisitor is now available for purchase, inviting players to embark on a thrilling journey filled with suspense, intrigue, and moral complexity. Dive into the world of Koenigstein and uncover its darkest secrets today.

Have you tried The Inquisitor yet or is it something that you will be jumping into soon and did you like the Accolades trailer for it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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