The Division 2 Raid Boss Guide – How to Beat Dizzy, Ricochet & Weasel

The Division 2 Raid Boss

In this The Division 2 Raid Boss Guide, we will show you how you can fight the bosses in the second encounter of the Operation Dark Hours raid of the game. In this fight, you encounter three bosses who are Dizzy, Ricochet, and Weasel.

After you have defeated the Boomer Bailey in the raid, you can then go to your second encounter of new bosses. Boomer drops a lot of good gear for you to use in this fight. In this second fight, Dizzy, Ricochet, and Weasel will fight as one.

The Division 2 Raid Boss Guide

Below we have detailed how you can defeat Dizzy, Ricochet, and Weasel bosses in the second encounter of The Division 2 Raid Operation Dark Hours raid. You will first encounter Dizzy and Ricochet, followed by Weasel.

How to Defeat Dizzy and Ricochet

There are two bosses that you and your team will fight against. It is best to divide your team into two by having a group of 4 in each team. This is necessary because you will be fighting two bosses simultaneously.

Before you can do that, you need to spawn both Dizzy and Ricochet which can be done by locating three panels present in the plane. One of the panels is present in the front, while the second is in the middle, and the third is at the tail of the plane. Press the green panel to spawn the bosses and to begin the fight.

During this fight, you will notice purple gas inside the plane. This is a debuff that will be applied to you, preventing you from doing any damage. This can be changed by changing the purple gas to orange, which is only possible by pressing two of the three panels at the same time to keep the gas in orange color. This will allow you to deal damage to Dizzy and Ricochet.

How to Defeat Weasel

Oliver Weasel Gordon spawns when you have defeated either Dizzy or Ricochet. In this fight, the panels will be taken away, and the gas colors will change in phases for a specific period. This means you have to wait for the gas to turn orange in order to deal damage to Weasel.

It is quite straightforward from this point, and all you have to do is take cover during the purple gas and attack during the orange gas. If your teammates can launch attacks in unison, it will be more effective to win this fight.

After you have defeated all the bosses, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Roza Stable Gloves Aces and Eights (gear score 500)
  • Wright Combat Vest – Tip of the Spear blueprint
  • “Morar” Holster System Douglas & Harding (gear score 500)
  • Winter Carryall “Bergmann” Badger Tuff (gear score 500)
  • Police Mk17 (gear score 500)
  • Counterforce Vest Providence Defense

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