The Division 2 Battery Park SHD Caches Guide – Where to Find

The Division 2 Battery Park SHD Caches Guide

This Division 2 Battery Park SHD Caches Guide will show you all the locations where you can find the SHD Tech Caches in the Battery Park region in Warlords of New York DLC. In total, this area contains 5 SHD Tech caches that you can collect.

Most of the SHD Tech caches are well hidden in areas that you might easily miss. Finding them and then going to their exact locations to collect them can be somewhat tricky. Especially for the ones that are well hidden behind objects or in areas that are out of the player’s sight. Our guide will detail all the locations of these SHD Tech caches so you can collect them quickly without wasting any time.

The Division 2 Battery Park SHD Caches Guide

Below we have detailed where you can find all the SHD Tech Caches in the Battery Park region of the DLC.

SHD Tech #1

When you step out of the settlement in this region, you will find a white Bakers truck that you can climb to reach the platform above it. Climb the rope that will take you to the rooftop and then continue forward to drop down in the area below.

Now you need to head to the far end and turn right where a narrow alley will take you to another area to climb stairs. Up at the top, you will find the SHD Tech Cache.

SHD Tech #2

This SHD cache can be found west part of the Battery park, where you will find the area fenced with a padlock. Shoot the padlock and then shoot for the rope that will straight up. Climb with the help of the rope to reach the top, and you will find the SHD Tech cache straight ahead.

SHD Tech #3

This item can be found near the Vale Arms Hotels, where you will find a truck next to the Laundromat sign. Climb the truck and then onto the platform above it. Now you need to turn right and then take the rope leading you straight to the SHD Tech cache.

SHD Tech #4

This can be found in the westernmost part of this region, where you will have to fight a lot of enemies. You can ignore them and then run inside the building to climb the stairs leading you to the first floor. The SHD cache will be inside the room, right next to a dead body.

SHD Tech #5

For the last SHD Tech cache, you have to go to the south of Battery Park. There will b a large whit building here near the water. You need to head to the backside of the building near the shore where the SHD will be on an AC unit.

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