TEAMGROUP Showcases the Durable T-Create Expert PCIe SSD Aimed at Chia Mining


With the launch of the latest cryptocurrency, Chia Coin officially started trading in May 2021, a lot of people have already jumped on the bandwagon and are already mining Chia Coin using various SSDs and NVMes available in the market. TEAMGROUP is keen to join in and is offering its durable T-Create Expert PCIe SSD citing it perfect for Chia Coin mining.

T-Create was initially introduced as a content creator-focused sub-brand by TEAMGROUP however the added durability seems to be working well for Chia Coin mining as well. Unlike most cryptocurrencies that use GPU power for mining, Chia Coin uses SSDs and NVMes for mining which could lead to SSD and NVMe shortage in the market as well however since this was predictable from the start, SSD makers have already increased the production in order to cater to the increased demand and TEAMGROUP is one of them.

Chia Network utilizes a consensus algorithm called ‘Proof of Space and Time’ and a Chia farmer’s possible yield is directly proportional to their amount of storage space. Farmers looking for higher profits will need to have more hard drive space and this approach ensures that no one will special-purpose hardware (ASIC) for mining it. For this very reason, storage capacity and power consumption is also relatively unrelated.

This makes Chia Coin the ‘green’ currency system in the cryptocurrency scene and for this very purpose, TEAMGROUP is offering its most durable T-Create Expert PCIe SSD to Chia farmers. TEAMGROUP is now opening pre-orders of the SSD for the mining marker and you can reserve your high-endurance consumer-grade PCie SSD today by heading over to TEAMGROUP’s website.

What do you think of TEAMGROUP’s latest T-Create Expert PCIe SSD aimed at Chia Mining? Would you consider buying it for your mining rig? Let us know in the comments section below.

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