Survival Action RPG V Rising Launches on Steam with Legacy of Castlevania Event

The highly anticipated survival action RPG, V Rising, makes its debut on Steam alongside the thrilling Legacy of Castlevania event. Developed by Stunlock Studios, V Rising invites players into the dark and immersive world of vampire survival, offering a rich blend of gameplay elements that promise an unforgettable experience.

In V Rising, players assume the role of a newly awakened vampire, tasked with constructing their castle and navigating a perilous gothic open world. Whether hunting for blood solo or joining forces with a clan, players can engage in intense online battles alongside fellow vampires. The game’s full release introduces a plethora of new content, including seven regions to explore and a staggering 57 bosses to challenge.

Check out the Launch Trailer below:

A highlight of the 1.0 update is the addition of the Ruins of Mortium, a wintry area steeped in vampire lore and once home to Dracula’s followers. Prepare to face off against the ancient tyrant himself, Dracula, in a climactic showdown within the haunting depths of Mortium.

Adding to the excitement is the Legacy of Castlevania event, a collaboration between Stunlock Studios and Konami Digital Entertainment. Players can immerse themselves in the iconic world of Castlevania, encountering legendary characters like Simon Belmont and wielding the iconic whip weapon. The Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack offers further customization options, including castle designs inspired by Castlevania’s gothic aesthetic and exclusive music unlocks.

V Rising Steam

Rickard Frisegård, CEO of Stunlock Studios, expresses pride in achieving the vision for V Rising after years of dedicated development. He extends gratitude to the community for their support during Early Access, emphasizing the game’s focus on gameplay and unique genre hybridization.

New features in V Rising’s full release include an endgame zone, dynamic events, new bosses, weapons, equipment tiers, and castle improvements. The game also boasts optimized gamepad support, visual enhancements, and overall gameplay refinements.

V Rising Steam

V Rising’s launch follows a successful Early Access phase, with over 4 million copies sold and an impressive 88% positive review rating on Steam. Stunlock Studios welcomes players to join the blood-soaked adventure and promises an engaging experience for both new and seasoned players alike.

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