Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – How to Unlock Characters Quickly

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now out and it features one of the best and the biggest character rosters ever seen in any Super Smash Bros. game. The game features 76 characters and each of the characters is unique and gives a totally new experience to play with. However, with such a huge character roster, there is one problem. Only eight of these are unlocked right out of the box and you are required to unlock the remaining characters.

In a normal fighting game where you need to unlock three or four characters maximum or in extreme situations there might be ten character unlocks. But in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you are required to unlock around 68 characters. With a game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, that is a long wait because everyone is eager to try new characters all the time. However, you need not to worry, there is a little trick in the game by which you can easily unlock the characters much quickly then they are intended too.

How to Unlock Characters Quickly in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

If you follow a little trick or a cheat, you can easily unlock all characters of the game in minimum time possible. If you play the Story Mode or World of Light mode, there is only Kirby which is even more depressing at the start. Let’s look at how to unlock quickly.

Normal Unlock Methods

Normally, you unlock random characters through three basic methods in the game. The story mode of the game unlocks specific characters at certain points but outside it, you will unlock random characters and there is no set criteria for doing that. We have detailed the normal procedures for unlocking characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate below.

Play World of Light

World of Light is the story mode of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While playing it, as you reach certain places you will unlock more characters which are then unlocked for you forever. There are certain specific locations where specific characters will unlock. These characters do not randomize like other game modes.

Play Classic Mode

Every time you complete the classic mode, you will unlock a random character at the end of the mode. Fight the challenger and beat them to unlock them in your character roster.

Keep Playing the Game

The game will unlock a random character if you simply keep playing the game. Compete in different game modes, beat appearing challengers and before you know it, you will unlock a character for your character roster.

These are the normal methods of unlocking characters in the game. Now, there are a few methods by which you can trick the game to unlock characters much quickly.

Combine World of Light and Challenger Approach

As you play World of Light, you will automatically unlock certain characters since the game is made that way. So playing the World of Light is automatically a win-win. As you are playing the World of Light, after every 10 or 15 minutes, quite the mode and return to the main screen.

As you get to the main screen, the game will present you with a new challenger. Accept the fight and try to beat it. If you beat it, the character will be added to your roster. Even if you lose the fight, there is nothing to lose here. Simply fire up the World of Light again and play for another 10 or 15 minutes and then repeat the process.

This is not cheating the game or doing any sort of glitch but you are simply speeding up the process of having more challenger fights so that you can unlock more characters quickly. Keep using this method until you want to. You will unlock characters from the main story as well as by getting more challengers and beating them.

Losing in both modes mean nothing. You can always retry the battles if you lose. World of Light automatically asks you to retry a fight while random challengers can be fought again as well. Simply head to the bottom-right of Games and More screen and choose Challenger’s approach. This has a timer so come back when the characters who beat you to add them to your roster.

Rebooting the Game and Beating the Timer

Another way to trick the game into unlocking characters much quickly is by shutting down the game at the right time and them rebooting to beat the timer. For this trick to work, all you need to do is start a random encounter. Play it and make sure that you win. Once the screen shows ‘Character joins the battle’, press Home on Nintendo Switch and then quit the game from the main menu.

Start the game again and then start Smash mode. In the rules, choose one-stock Smash match and choose any character from the list. When the match starts, jump out of the ring and kill yourself. This will reset the Encounter timer and you will be offered a match again. Accept the match and complete it. At the same screen once again which shows that the character has been added to your roster, press home and quit the game.

Reboot and keep repeating it until you get bored or have unlocked all the characters. This is yet another great way to boost your character unlocking in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Using this method, you will be able to complete your roster much quickly then suing the normal in-game methods of unlocking characters.

For a detailed guide on how to play with every character in the game, check out our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters Guide.

This concludes our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Unlock Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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