Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mr. Game & Watch Guide – How to Play, Attack Moves

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mr. Game & Watch Guide

In this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mr. Game & Watch Guide, we will guide you on how to play if you choose Mr. Game & Watch as your character of choice in a fight. We will highlight all the moves that are specific to Mr. Game & Watch, plus his defending moves, special moves and his final smash. In addition, this guide will also give you a better understanding of his moves, for if you find yourself fighting against Mr. Game & Watch.

This guide will focus on Mr. Game & Watch’s attacks like neutral attacks, special attacks, and grounded attacks. We will also detailed the amount of damage each attack deals to an opponent. In the end, we will finish off with what his final smash looks like and what it does to your foe.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mr. Game & Watch Guide

Below we have listed all the attacks that are specific and special to Mr. Game & Watch. Refer to each attack for a better understanding of how Mr. Game & Watch combats in the stage.


Mr. Game & Watch comes in the Smash world with his light weight and quirky features, from the leftover parts of the 80’s LCD Mr. Game & Watch, predating even the NES.

He is a small and light, which is also where he needs to be careful, but has a lot of great attacks to make it hard for enemies to take advantage of. The projectiles that he can produce are invincible extensions of himself, unable to be interrupted, deflected, or absorbed.

It can be hard for enemies to get close to Mr. Game & Watch who flings pieces of food with Chef nonstop, or fending with basically any aerial move in his attack set.

Grounded Attacks

This section of the guide contains all the grounded attacks that Mr. Game & Watch can perform while on the stage.

Neutral Attacks

Mr. Game & Watch has two Neutral Attacks. he sprays a fumigator that deals 2 damage in the initial stage, but if you persist with the attack, the damage it deals is 0.8xN, 3. The second stage of the attack is much quicker than the first, where you can hold down the attack button to spray a series of hits.

Defensive Attacks

Mr. Game & Watch has two Defensive Attacks. the first is the Ledge attack that deals 9 damage, while the Wake-up attack deals 7 damage.

Dash Attack

This attack deals 10 damage, where Mr. Game & Watch dodges and slides to a complete stop. This starts up quickly for a move out of a dash or run. Anyone in the way is launched backward. Damage is a bit lower if you hit with the tail end of the active period here.

If the enemy shields the dash, Mr. Game & Watch is technically at a punishable disadvantage, but thanks to his prone posture, their swing might miss right over him


Mr. Game & Watch has three smash attacks.

Side Smash

This attack deals 18 to 25.2 damage. In this attack, Mr. Game & Watch swings a fiery torch in front. The speed of this attack is average for a side smash, and on hit this has a good knockback even at low percentages.

At higher damage percentages it makes a good knockout attempt with this attack.

Up Smash

This attack deals 16 to 22.4 damage, where Mr. Game & Watch wears a dicing helmet and headbutts, which hits back to front. During the attack frames, his head is invincible, negating incoming enemy attacks. as he leans back, the initial frame hits behind him, but the rest of the brief attack can hit either side, or the enemy above.

Opponents hit by this attack are popped in the air, and vulnerable for follow up attacks.

Down Smash

This attack deals 15 to 21 damage, where Mr. Game & Watch smashes two mallets on both sides in front and behind him as a clearing out move. As you can guess, this attack is best to create some space between you and the overwhelming enemies surrounding you.

If the attack hits the victim, they are knocked away a fair bit, giving Mr. Game & Watch some space to continue the fight.


Mr. Game & Watch has three Tilt Attacks.

Side Tilt

This attack deals 12 damage, where Mr. Game & Watch delivers a chair swing directly in front of him. the damage is the most if the initial thrust of the chair hits the opponent, while the later frames of the attack dealing half the damage.

The opponent that is hit close with this attack is knocked back a bit, but because the attack has a long duration active period, it can also push enemies off the ledge and effectively push them off the stage.

Up Tilt

This attack deals 7, 7 damage. In this attack, Mr. Game & Watch raises a number of flags in front and then behind. The hitbox around the flag extends safely above Mr. Game & Watch’s vulnerable head, and his hands are also safe from harm during this attack, increasing likelihood that he wins exchanges cleanly.

If someone is struck by the initial flag swipe aimed up-forward, they’re pulled over his head toward the flag that rises behind, juggled by both hits. The second flag, aimed up-back, launches foes into a jugglable position slightly behind Mr. Game & Watch.

Down Tilt

This attack deals 9 damage, where Mr. Game & Watch pulls out a manhiole cover, knocking anyone in front of him. the attack is quicker to hit than side tilt or up tilt but not as fast as neutral attacks.


Mr. Game & Watch has 5 Grab Attacks. the first grab deals 1.3 damage. The Front and Back throw deal 8 damage each. The Up throw deals 12 damage, while the Down  throw deals 4 damage.

Aerial Attacks

This section of the guide will cover all the Aerial attacks that Mr. Game & Watch has.

Neutral Air Attack

This attack deals 3×3, 4 damage. in this attack, Mr. Game & Watch transports a fishbowl from which two fishes pop out to hit at opponents on both sides. At first, the leaping fish and fishbowl hit straight up, as though this were an up air. The fish can hit enemies on both sides as they fall alongside Mr. Game & Watch.

Forward Air Attack

This attack deals 3, 12 damage. in this attack, uses a bomb and then drops it. The bomb deals no damage until it explodes, which happens when it this an opponent or a surface. If it doesn’t hit a surface, it explodes three quarters of a second later.

Back Air Attack

This attack deals 2×3, 3 damage. in this attack, strikes at the enemy with a snapping turtle, which bites with three weaker hits before finishing with a knockback snap.

Air-to-air, back air attack is Mr. Game & Watch’s best jousting weapon, since the turtle head beats out enemy moves. It’s a bit slow to hit at first compared to many aerials, so plan to swing slightly ahead of time.

If used low to the ground, Mr. Game & Watch’s landing lag is significant, but he also has an extra launching hit when he touches down! This is useful when jumping in at grounded enemies with back air. Aim the attack to start snapping at their heads, scoring the normal four hits on the way down, then launching them with the landing impact.

Up Air Attack

This attack deals 1.8×5, 3 damage. in this attack, puffs air straight in the air, which has a blasting effect in the area above him. this is one of the best attacks that Mr. Game & Watch against anti airing enemies high above and keeping them from returning to the stage.

Down Air Attack

This attack deals 11 damage, where Mr. Game & Watch, briefly halting his air momentum, Mr. Game & Watch produces a key and then plunges down, stabbing with it. He plummets until he lands, but he can be steered a bit left or right on the way. On touchdown, his impact creates a secondary hitbox, knocking anyone close out of the way. If he plunges into someone below with the falling key hit, the impact hit can also hit them for a two-hit combo, but the spacing doesn’t usually work out that way.

Down air attack is good for edge-guarding in more ways than one. For the safer option, use the plunging hit to land at the edge, aiming for enemies right when they try to rise from below and grip the ledge with an up special or double jump. With good timing, you’ll knock them right off.

Special Moves

Mr. Game & Watch has 4 special moves. All of them are detailed below.

Neutral Special – Chef

This attack deals 5×5 damage, where Mr. Game & Watch takes out a frying pan and serves food items by lobbing them toward the enemy. These are five items that can be thrown at a tie. Holding toward Mr. Game & Watch’s back flips food items upward in a high arc, so they fall closer to him and can act as a kind of defensive shield. Holding forward, toward his front, flips the food low and farther away, more of an offensive option.

Each pan flip is a minor attack as well, though hits with the close-range pan flip are more of a nice bonus sometimes than something you should aim for on purpose

Side Special – Judge

In this attack, Mr. Game & Watch produces a number and slams down a gavel in front. Each number that he shows deals different amounts of damage. the higher the number the more it will deal the damage. damage deal with each number is listed below:

1: deals 2 damage
2: deals 4 damage
3: deals 6 damage
4: deals 8 damage
5: deals 3×4 damage
6: deals 12 damage
7: deals 14 damage
8: deals 13 damage
9: deals 32 damage

Up Special – Fire

This attack deals 3, 6 damage. In this attack, two firemen help Mr. Game & Watch trampoline high up in the air, where his body becomes a projectile above. At the top of his travel, Mr. Game & Watch loses upward inertia and deploys a parachute. From here, he glides gently as directed. This attack can be used as an anti-air tool or as a recovery option.

Down Special – Oil Panic

In this attack, Mr. Game & Watch uses a bucket to scoop any energy projectiles coming his way, and fills it up completely after taking in three projectile. Once the bucket is full, it converts the projectile into hot oil that can be thrown at the enemy in a splash that deals absurd amount of damage

Final Smash – Octopus

In what can be one of the hardest Final Smashes for enemies to dodge, a gigantic Octopus skates across the screen, taking up a huge bit of airspace as it passes while grasping with sticky tentacles.

Anyone caught in its grasp is dragged sideways off the stage, in grave danger of being KO’d outright if they react poorly! As the Octopus travels, hold the control stick up or down to direct its path, making it harder for enemies to escape.

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This concludes our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mr. Game & Watch Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below

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