Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cloud Guide – How to Play, Attack Moves

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cloud Guide

In this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cloud Guide, we will guide you on how you can play with Cloud in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Cloud is a heavy fighter and comes with a unique set of attack moves. One of his special features is the Limit Break which can be charged and then used for more powerful attacks.

We have curated this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cloud Guide in which we will guide you on how you can play with Cloud and also how to play against him. We will detail all his attacks including his neutral attacks, special attacks, grounded attacks and more. With this guide, you will get to know Cloud’s strengths and weaknesses.

Cloud Detailed Guide – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cloud Guide details everything that you need to know about Cloud in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Cloud has many special moves under his belt and many of you will even recognize them as they are straight out of Final Fantasy VII. His swords have a decent range and can attack enemies from a safe distance. He also comes with a special Limit Gauge which you can charge in the match to unleash more powerful attacks. This gauge when full will increase Cloud’s movement speed and attack damage.

During this mode, he will also get special attacks which are not available to him normally. This makes him a great fighter in the game. His main strength is the high damage his sword deals and the powerful Limit Break attacks. With all this firepower, he lacks recovery speed and after most of the attacks he is left open for counterattacks which can be troublesome if you are not ready to counter them. He can also wall jump in the game.

Before we start with the attacks, here are some tips for using the special Limit Gauge. If you are charging your Limit Gauge in the game, it will take seven seconds to completely refill it if you are not interrupted during the charging process. As you take damage, the gauge capacity will continue to increase. You can fill this gauge by dealing damage to enemies as well. The gauge is reset if you are KO’d while playing with Cloud.


We have detailed Cloud’s moves below.

Grounded Attacks

We have detailed Cloud’s grounded attacks below.

Neutral Attacks

Cloud has three attacks in his basic neutral combo attack. The first hit will deal 2.5 damage, the second 2 and the third hit deals 3.5 damage. The attack starts with Cloud kicking the enemy with his left leg followed by a kick from his right leg and then finally lifting the enemies up in the air with his sword’s slash. This combo can be cancelled anytime. You can hold the button after the first hit to repeat the attack as well. This attack deals normal damage and is also not as effective as his other attacks so we recommend that you do not use this attack too much.

This works well to confuse enemies from using a distance or interrupting their dash attacks but other than that these low damage attacks are not very effective in combat. If the enemy is in the air just above the ground, you can use this attack for a small combo just for the sake of not giving your enemies a break.

Dash Attack

Cloud’s Dash Attack deals 11 damage and it can launch enemies up in the air. It features high launch power and early hits also deal more damage to enemies rather than ending hits. Cloud builds up speed and then dashes ahead with his giant sword at the front. This attack is excellent against spot dodges, air dodges and ledge jumps.

Defensive Attacks

Cloud’s ledge attack deals 10 damage and wake-up attack deals 7 damage.


Cloud has three Tilt attacks. We have detailed them below.

Side Tilt

It deals 11 damage. For this attack, Cloud will swing his sword in a large area in front of him which deals damage in a big area. This is a quick attack and does not last for a long time. It deals a decent amount of damage and can also knockback enemies. It works excellent against enemies making a move towards you. If someone misses an attack near you, use this as a quick attack to counter their strategy.

Up Tilt

It deals 8 damage. For this attack, Cloud will bring his sword back over his head and then slash it ahead in the form of an arc above his head. He will bring it to the front. This attack can attack enemies in the air as well as in the back and the front. Anyone near Cloud will be damaged by this attack.

This attack is very fast so enemies cannot really block this with their shields unless they already have their shields active when you attack. This is the best attack after blocking someone’s attack as well since it is very quick to initiate and land.

Down Tilt

It deals 7 damage. With this attack, Cloud will slide towards the enemy and hit their legs which will cause them to launch in the air. Enemies once launched in the air can be juggled and you can follow with more combos and attacks to keep them in the air. This is also a quick attack and you can catch opponents off guard with this attack.

This can also work if you want to close the distance between you and your enemy quickly. The velocity of this attack is also good which cases enemies to fly in the air.  Cloud’s aerial attacks can take care of the rest once the enemies are airborne.


Cloud has three Smash attacks. We have detailed them below.

Side Smash

It deals 3, 4 and 13 damage. Cloud’s Side Smash is a powerful slash of his sword. The first hit with the sword will stagger anyone hit by the sword and readying them up for two follow up attacks. Every following attack has more range than the previous one. The final hit in the combo will not only deal massive damage but also launch the enemies back in the air.

This attack is the most powerful Smash attack in Cloud’s arsenal. If you can manage to land the complete attack, the enemy will be ready for a follow up combo after this attack as well. Enemies nearing knock out can be easily KO’d with this Smash attack. Launching them near the edges will also throw them off the stage.

Up Smash

It deals 13 damage. Clouds holds his sword in both his hands and slashes the space above him in an arc. Cloud will start from the front and go all the way to the back with this attack. The attack will hit anyone at the front and the back as well as in the air above Cloud. This attack has great range and a decent launch speed as well.

However, this attack lacks in damage as the damage output is not that high. After the attack, Cloud will also need a long time to recover which will leave an attack window open for your enemies. If you manage to time it right however, you can deflect anyone coming from the air at you. It also works as a juggle extender for enemies who are already being juggled.

Down Smash

It deals 3 and 11 damage. Cloud will still use his sword for this attack but this time he will hit with the hilt of the sword after getting close to the ground himself. The first attack is for pulling enemies closer while the second attack knocks them back with a powerful hit. The hilt strikes enemies at the front and the main sword hits at the back,

This attack features decent starting speed but if your enemies block this attack, you will be left hanging and in perfect position for them to counterattack. Also during the back attack, if the enemies short hop towards you, you will be open to any sort of counterattack without any backup plan.


Cloud’s main grab attack deals 1.3 damage while the Front throw deals 7 damage. Back throw deals 6 damage, Up Throw deals 8.5 damage and Down throw will deal 7 attack. Cloud’s grab attacks are weaker, its range is also low and the speed at which Cloud grabs enemies is also low. This makes grabbing with Cloud not as effective as with other fighters in the game. Cloud’s Front and Back attacks also have knockback effect. However, the launching power for both of these throws are quite weak which means that the enemies land close to you. This can be beneficial if you want to follow with another combo.

Aerial Attacks

This section of the guide details all of Cloud’s Aerial attacks.

Neutral Air Attack

It deals 8 damage. During this attack while jumping, Cloud will slash his sword in a circular motion all around him starting from his back. It then does a 360-degree spin and covers all sides of Cloud before ending at the back again. The recovery from this attack is also much quicker and does not take long before you can attack again.

This is perhaps the best air-to-air move in Cloud’s arsenal. All enemies in the air are affected by it whether they are double jumping or short hopping. This also causes a certain bit of knockback to enemies. At higher altitudes, the knockback is much higher as compared to lower altitudes. You can follow up with some combos at higher altitudes.

Forward Air Attack

It deals 14 damage. With this attack, Cloud will use his sword to land on enemies at the front with a powerful sword slash. The direction of this slash will be down and forward. If hit while aiming forward, enemies will be knocked behind and if hit when facing down, they will still be damaged by coming in contact with the sword.

You can cancel the move halfway and follow up with a downward facing attack to create a good two hit combo with your sword.  Following this attack with a dash-in tilt and then an air attack is also a good strategy to land a solid combo on your opponents.

Back Air Attack

It deals 13 damage. Cloud will swing his sword at the back while he is in the air dealing damage to enemies behind him. If it hits enemies on the ground, they will be staggered by the attack. While any airborne enemies will be knocked back after performing this attack. This attack has a very small recovery time so you can immediately follow up with another attack.

Up Air Attack

It deals 11 damage. Cloud will hold his sword in both of his hands and launch in the air with the sword horizontally above himself. This will launch the enemies higher above him or knock them away from Cloud. You can later follow up with more combos or juggle moves.

Down Air Attack

It deals 15 damage. Cloud will hold his sword in both his hands, point it downwards and come diving to the ground with a powerful impact. If enemies are hit quickly, the attack will be meteor smash but later attack is also powerful enough. Enemies will be launched up in the air after hits and will give you a window to follow up with combos.

If the enemy shields the attack, this becomes useless and opponents can turn the tide of the attack. It is an excellent KO attack and can wipe out enemies that trying to recover near the ledges. They will be thrown off stage.

Special Moves

Earlier in the move, we mentioned about the Limit Gauge, it is used in various Special attacks that we will detail below.

Neutral Special Attack – Blade Beam

This special attack deals 8 damage in the ground and 6.4 while in the air. If you activate the Limit Gauge, this is increased to 6, 2×5, 3 for the grounded attack and 4.8,1.6×5, 2.4 for the aerial one. Cloud will slash his sword on the ground which will send out a powerful wave force. This energy wave will travel a long distance on the ground in the direction it is launched.

Enemies hit by this attack are knocked back no matter how many come in the way. This is an excellent attack for crowd control. In the air, you can control the trajectory of the wave by holding left or right on the stick. You can also choose the direction of the attack. You can fire it in the front or at the back depending on your input.

The Limit Break version of this attack deals increased damage, destroys all incoming projectiles and offers much more knockback. Enemies prone to KO will not live after this attack has passed through them. If someone is recovering off the stage, this attack will ensure that they never make it back on the stage,

Side Special Attack – Cross Slash

This special attack deals 4, 3, 3×2 and 6 damage while in Limit Gauge mode this is increased to 5×2, 3×2 and 10. This is Cloud’s famous Cross Slash combo attack. Five hits are launched during this attack which cause a decent amount of damage to the enemies. Enemies hit by the initial attacks can recover quickly and come up with a counter attack so you better look out for them.

The Limit Break version is much easier as it is a one input combo with Cloud dealing the full five hit combo with increased damage and offers a small window where he can’t be hit before the attack. You can follow up with other attacks to deal damage to Cloud.

Up Special Attack – Climhazzard

This attack deals 3,4,4.5 and 3.5 damage in normal mode while in Limit Gauge mode, this is increased to 6,7,4.5 and 3.5. At the first phase of this attack, Cloud will charge into the opponent with his sword and the later launch in the air with the enemy where he will unleash a powerful dive attack and smashes the enemy to the ground with his huge sword.

The complete attack will leave your opponent helpless as he flies up and down with you without any window to escape. However, this attack also shows Cloud’s biggest weakness if used as a recovery tool. This is Cloud’s inability to latch to a ledge during the upswing animation. There is no other way. Cloud can only grab a ledge once the attack ends which means that Cloud will be completely vulnerable to attacks during this phase.

The Limit Break mode will allow greater damage dealt to enemies and a 50% increased launch than the standard attack. This mode will also allow ledge grabs which is a great addition to this move because the normal version limits Cloud’s ability to grab ledges while performing this attack.

Down Special Attack – Limit Charge/Finishing Touch

During this attack, Cloud will remain in one place and collects power to fill his Limit Gauge. It will take him around 6.5 seconds to fully charge the gauge. Once the gauge is full, input the attack again and Finishing Touch special attack will be initiated.  Cloud will slash his sword in a massive area in the form of a powerful uppercut.

If it hits an enemy, they will launched in the air in a wisp of clouds. At the end of the attack, it will have a pushback effect which will deal zero damage but can push enemies off the ledges. This is very helpful to blast enemies off the stage who are trying to recover at the edge of the stage.

Final Smash – Omnislash

When you meter is full, you can unleash the Omnislash. This attack starts with Cloud dashing towards enemies and hitting them. After this Cloud will dash upwards and unleash a sequence of quick sword slashes which end with a mighty blow that launches all enemies back down to the ground. This is excellent if you are surrounded by enemies.

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This concludes our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Cloud Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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