Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser Jr. Guide – How to Play, Attack Moves

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser Jr. Guide

In this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser Jr. Guide, we will guide you on how you can play with Bowser Jr. and other Koopalings in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings come in their own colored Clown Cars which help protect them and attack enemies at the same time. All of Bowser Jr.’s attacks are similar with all the other Koopalings which are basically just different skins for Bowser Jr.

We have curated this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser Jr. Guide in which we will guide you on how you can play with Bowser Jr. along with Koopalings and also how to play against him. We will detail all his attacks including his neutral attacks, special attacks, grounded attacks and more. With this guide, you will get to know Bowser Jr.’s strengths and weaknesses.

Bowser Jr. Detailed Guide – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser Jr. Guide details everything that you need to know about Bowser Jr. in Super Smash Bros.


Following the footsteps of his father, Bowser Jr. along with other small Koopalings have joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. All the skins fight the exact way following Bowser Jr. so we will be simply referring to Bowser Jr. in the guide below. You can pick any skin and they will all have the same moves and attacks in the game.

They also come equipped with clown cars which make them weigh as much as a full fledge fighter. It also provides them protection. Incoming attacks that hit the car instead of the Koopalings are reduced to 87.5% of the full damage. This also works the other way around where if an attack comes inside the car’s hull and hits the kid, the attack is increased to 115%.


We have detailed Bowser Jr.’s moves below.

Grounded Attacks

This section of the guide details all the attacks that can be performed while Bowser Jr. is on the ground and not in air.

Neutral Attacks.

Bowser Jr. has three neutral attacks. The first and second both deal 2 damage while the third deals 0.5×11 and 3 damage if you continue to hold the button. During this attack, the clown car will jump forward and launch three boxing punches at the enemies. They offer decent range and are pretty fast to attack with. The attack cannot be interrupted as well.

If you hold the button away from the enemies, the fist will whiff over and over again but if you tap the button repeatedly, the punch will be speeded up. You can hold or tap to perform any type of combo that you want to. Hold at the third hit and you will initiate continuous punching.

Dash Attack

Bowser Jr’s Dash attack caused 1.8×5 and 4 damage. The clown car will speed towards the enemy and release a saw from its mouth to hit the enemy. The first hit is a multi-hit attack while the second attack has a decent bit of knockback with it. It features decent range.

Defensive Attacks

Bowser Jr. has three defensive attacks. Ledge attack will deal 10 damage. Wake-up attack while faceup will deal 6 damage and Wake-up attack while facedown will deal 7 damage.


Bowser Jr. has three Tilt attacks.

Side Tilt

It deals 8 damage. For this attack, the clown car will dash forward with a fork pointing forward. This attack has good range. You can also adjust the angle of the fork while heading straight. This attack has no forward momentum.

Up Tilt

It deals 6 damage. For this attack, the clown car will point the fork to the top by circling it to the top from the front. It means that anything in front of the car will also be damaged and eventually the damage will be dealt at the top where enemies might be jumping around.

Down Tilt

It deals 2×2 and 6 damage. During this attack, Bowser Jr. will hide inside the car while the car goes on a tongue lashing spree. It will deal multiple hits in the same attack. During this attack Bowser Jr. is safe inside the car. There is no lag after this attack so you will ready for another attack right after this attack.


Bowser Jr. has three smashes.

Side Smash

It deals 1×5, 10-1.4×5 and 15.4 damage to enemies. This attack has a longer than average build up time. For this attack, the clown car has two drills in front of it and it moves to the enemies. Enemies caught in the drills will take multiple hits and at the end they will be launched high in the air. Bowser Jr. at the top is vulnerable to attacks during this smash move.

This move is excellent to ensure a safe escape from attacking enemies. Enemies will not run into your drills as you move away from them. You can also time it right and plow right into the chasers.

Up Smash

It deals 1, 1.3×4 and 6 damage to enemies. The car will turn upside down, doing a headstand on Bowser Jr.’s head. The propeller at the bottom of the car will start spinning quickly and the car will jump up for multiple hits.

Down Smash

It deals 18-25.2 damage to enemies. During this attack, the car will jump in the air and then swing to both left and right side attacking enemies one time. This will take care of any enemy rushing in for any attack.


Bowser Jr. can perform five grab attacks. The normal grab attack will deal 1.3 damage. The front throw will deal 3 and 7 damage, Back throw will deal 11 damage, Up throw will deal 7 damage while Down throw will deal 1.2×4 and 4 damage to enemies. For grabbing, the clown car will use a pincer arm which will grab the enemies.

The animation for grabbing the enemies is quite slow which could lead to a lot of grab escapes so you will need to use it at the end of combos and other moves for them to be most effective. Just like Bowser, the back throw is most powerful and will easily give you knock outs.

Aerial Attacks

Bowser Jr. comes with his own set of aerial attacks. We have detailed them below.

Neutral Air Attack

It deals 8 damage. The clown car will produce two big boxing gloves from each side and the car starts spinning rapidly dealing damage to enemies it hits. The car will spin for a short time before stopping. Initial attacks are most powerful. The spinning speed is also decent.

Front Air Attack

It deals 11 damage. The clown car move forward and launch a heavy wrecking ball at the enemies ahead. It will move the wrecking ball once forward, backwards and then again forwards before stopping. The attack takes a little time to get going but once launched, it stays for a decent time in the air. The highest damage is dealt at the start of the attack.

Back Air Attack

It deals 14 damage. The clown car will now use the heavy wrecking ball at the back side for a slower but powerful attack. It also requires more precision because its duration is short.

Up Air Attack

It deals 10 damage. For this attack, Bowser Jr. will take matters into his own hands and swing a gammer above himself for a little time. Enemies who get by it will be launched in the air slightly after taking damage.

Down Air Attack

It deals 1.5×8 and 2.5 damage to enemies. Coming down from the air, the clown car will take a spinning drill underneath it and head straight for the ground. Enemies hit by the drill will receive multiple hits and will be launched further at the end of the attack.

Special Moves

Bowser Jr. has four special attacks. We have detailed them below.

Neutral Special Attack – Clown Cannon

It deals 10-20 damage. During this attack, the clown car will take out a massive cannon and fire a massive cannonball at the enemies. You can charge the attack or launch it without charging at the enemies. Charged attacks will take around 1.5 seconds to fire and uncharged attacks will take 0.5 seconds to fire making this the slowest attack of Bowser Jr.

This is a great move for crowd control over great distances and disrupting enemies fighting with each other. However, you should know that the attack is slow and takes time to launch so avoid while you are actively fighting with an enemy.

Side Special Attack –Clown Kart Dash

It deals 7.4 – 4 damage while on the ground and 2.6-2 damage while in the air. For this attack, the car will speed towards the direction you picked for the attack and keeps going hitting anything that comes in its way. You can control the clown car to make it jump and also perform a spin attack while its moving.

You can also perform this attack while in the air. Pressing Jump will make the car jump on the ground. If you want to use the spin attack, simply push the joystick in the opposite direction than the direction in which the clown car is moving in. You might jump off the level with this attack. If you do, jump to end the dash and return back to normal ground.

Down Special Attack – Mechakoopa

It deals 2 and 7 damage. With this attack, the clown car will deploy a mechakoopa on the ground which will move around here and there to find an enemy and latch on to them. They explode after a certain time whether they find an enemy or not. You can deploy them in the air but their detonation timer only starts when they are on solid ground.

Up Special Attack – Abandon Ship

It deals 5-13 damage when hit by the car and 15 damage if hit by the mallet. When you perform this attack, the clown car will eject the Koopaling in it and go down smoking. The car will explode after a certain time and launch the Koopaling in the air further. Koopaling will then fall to the ground and will not be protected by the clown car anymore.

You can then tap the Attack key or the Special key while heading down to perform a hammer swing which hits both at the back and front. The recovery time from this attack is big so you can either grab a ledge and rise making the car reappear or simply get hit while falling down by an enemy. This will recover you quickly and you will be back in action. You can use this attack to drop your car on enemies below you.

Final Smash – Shadow Mario Paint

Once you meter is full, you can unleash Bowser Jr.’s Final Smash. When launched, enter the on-screen input to put a giant X on the screen by Shadow Mario. After the X appears on the screen, Clown car and Bowser Jr. are sent back to the stage.

All enemies who come on top of the X on the screen are damaged and they continue to take damage as long as they remain in the X. You can use combos to deal some extra damage during this time.

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This concludes our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser Jr. Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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