Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser Guide – How to Play, Attack Moves

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser Guide

In this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser Guide, we will guide you on how you can play with Bowser in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Bowser is the heaviest fighter in the game and he makes sure that his brute force does not go to waste when he strikes. All of Bowser’s attacks are further enhanced due to the fact that he weighs too much so expect knockback from even his punches.

We have curated this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser Guide in which we will guide you on how you can play with Bowser and also how to play against him. We will detail all his attacks including his neutral attacks, special attacks, grounded attacks and more. With this guide, you will get to know Bowser’s strengths and weaknesses.

Bowser Detailed Guide – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser Guide details everything that you need to know about Bowser in Super Smash Bros.


Apart from his towering figure, Bowser also weights a lot and this is evident from his attacks. He is also much difficult to knock out as compared to other fighters in the game and even the air or ground launch attacks are not much effective against him due to his sheer weight. He will hardly move behind let alone fly in the air after an attack.

Naturally, more weight and brute force means that Bowser is slow. His attacks are slow but they pack quite a punch. Bowser is also prone to juggling since he moves slow and does too far after an attack. If you manage to get Bowser flying, make sure that he doesn’t come back to ground. Bowser can also walk while crouched despite being huge. Let’s look at Bowser’s attacks now.


We have detailed Bowser’s moves below.

Grounded Attacks

Below we have listed all attacks which can be performed while Bowser is on the ground.

Neutral Attacks

Bowser has two neutral attacks. The first one deals 4 damage while the second one deals 6 damage. Bowser uses his giant hands to hit the enemies with his palms. The first attack is a little slow to land which can be exploited by fighters who excel at speed attacks. Press the attack button again to swing the second hand. This is a slow attack so use when you know you have the window for it.

Dash Attack

Bowser’s Dash Attack deals 12 damage to enemies. During this attacks, Bowser will use his leg to hit the enemy after lunging towards them and launch them in the air. This gives you a chance to follow up with a powerful attack or a combo.

Defensive Attacks

Bowser’s Ledge Attack will deal 10 damage and his Wake-Up Attack deals 7 attack. During both of these attacks, Bowser cannot be hit.


Bowser can perform three Tilt attacks. We have detailed them below.

Side Tilt

Side Tilt deals 12 damage to enemies. During this attack. Bowser will lean forward and attack with backhand in a fierce attack. This is also a slow attack and Bowser will take a little to land the attack. However, this attack cannot be interrupted so even if someone attacks Bowser during this attack, the Side Tilt will still land on anyone standing it its way.

You can also adjust the angle to a little higher or a little lower if you use C-stick up and down. This attack is extremely useful to ignore enemy’s attack and deal some damage to them instead. The damage dealt to enemies is also pretty decent.

Up Tilt

Up Tilt deals 11 damage to enemies. During this attack, Bowser will use the fingers on his claw and slash from his front to the back in the form of an arc over himself. The attack will cover up and behind as well as Bowser’s front.

Since this attack covers all three sides, it works excellent in various situations. All enemies hit by this attack will be knocked in the air or back so this is great is you want some space between yourself and your enemies.

Down Tilt

Down Tilt deals 7 and 8 damage to enemies depending how many hits you manage to land on enemies. Bowser leaps at the enemies at the front and lands two hook punches. This is a little slow attack but the attack cannot be interrupted by enemies. Both punches are landed one after the other. If the first attack missed its mark, the second one ensures that the enemy cannot escape the attack completely.


Bowser has three Smashes in his arsenal. We have detailed them below.

Side Smash

It deals 23-32.2 damage. During this attack, Bowser will use both his legs to land a powerful dash like attack after jumping in the air. This two-legged kick packs quite a punch but naturally it is slow but the good thing here is that this attack cannot be interrupted as well before hitting.

The attack deals massive damage to enemies. Even if enemies block this attack, their shield will suffer massive damage. Bowser will take his sweet time to recover after this attack so make sure the feet lands in your enemies face.

Up Smash

It deals 22-30.8 damage to enemies. Bowser will drop down on his all fours and then lunge in the air with his spikes and shell in the air ready to meet any enemy unlucky enough to land on it. Even enemies who miss the shell but hit the head will suffer damage. After the attack, Bowser will again take some to get ready for the next attack.

Down Smash

It deals damage in all directions but the intensity is different in each direction. Enemies at the front receive 16 damage, at the back receive 15 damage and then again at the front receive 22.4 damage and then back ones receive 21 damage depending on the positioning of the enemies. Bowser will quickly lunge in front and use his deadly claws to slash anything in front.

The attack at the front will be faster than the back one. The back one is slower and if the front one is blocked, it opens a big window for the opponents to get a jump on Bowser. This is one of Bowser’s moves that can be blocked or interrupted easily so be careful before attacking.


Bowser’s Grab attack deals 1.6 damage, Front throw deals 12 damage, rear damage deals 12 damage, up throw deals 11,0.5 and 6 damage while the Down throw deals 10 and 4 damage. Bowser’s grabs are also slow but not as slow as the neutral attacks. The most powerful grab attack is the Back throw and it has the highest chance of granting a knockout.

If you want to push enemies around specially to the edges of the stage, the Front throw works exceptionally well. After grabbing the enemy, Bowser will spin them on his spiked back damaging with each hit and then launch them in the air where you can follow for a potential juggle combo.

Aerial Attacks

Bowser also comes with some aerial attacks. We have detailed them below.

Neutral Air Attack

It deals 6 damage. During this attack, Bowser will outstretch his arms and legs and start spinning at the same spot in the form of a pinwheel. Both arms and legs will deal damage when coming in contact with the enemy.

Back Air Attack

It deals 19 damage. This is yet another great two-foot kick but it works in the air rather than in the ground. Also, this is always aimed at the back rather at the front. Enemies that get hit get heavy damage and a lot of knockback. You will need to be precise with this attack as anyone can simply jump out of the way and avoid this attack. After the attack, Bowser will take a little time to get back in action.

Forward Air Attack

It deals 13 damage. This is the best attack when you want to land a hit on someone right in front of you or below you. Bowser will slash his arm in an arc in front of him and will damage to anything that comes in its way. Jump towards your enemy and use this attack to deal the maximum damage. The damage is maximum at the hand and decreases as it goes above the arm.

Up Air Attack

It deals 15 damage. Bowser will use his head and headbutt starting from the front going all the way to the back in the form of an arc. His head cannot be interrupted during this attack. This is a great move to initiate an air juggle combo on a fighter who is landing to the ground.

Down Air Attack

It deals 16 damage while in the air and 2 additional damage when landed on the ground. Bowser go backs inside his shell and then pummels to the ground with all his force in one devastating attack. This attack cannot be interrupted as well. You can also move Bowser a little to steer him into enemies while coming down.

Enemies hit by it are then launched in the air however Bowser is too slow to recover from the giant slam to follow up with any sort of attack. If someone is hit in the air, he gets additional damage if he gets dragged to the ground under Bowser’s shell upon impact.

Special Moves

Bowser has four special moves and we have detailed them below.

Neutral Special – Fire Breath

It deals 1.8×1 to 12 damage. This attack is great for crowd control and making enemies run away from you. Bowser will spit fire from his mouth and will continue to do so until the flames die out. This needs a 10 second cool down once you have launched this attack. Enemies who are in the flames will take damage as long as they stay inside the flames so they have no other option but to run away.

Side Special – Flying Slam

It deals 18 damage. During this attack, Bowser will grab any nearby enemy and pull them towards himself. After this, Bowser will jump high in the air and come back to the ground in the form of a huge fortress and deal massive damage to the enemies upon impact. Anyone near the blast zone or under Bowser will take massive damage.

You can move Bowser left or right during this phase to move Bowser’s landing spot. If you move characters out of the stage, both will be knocked out and Bowser is knocked out first so do not try to use this to win. If the damage dealt to enemies is low, they can also control the fall but if the damage is much higher, you will have control over the fall.

Up Special – Whirling Fortress

It deals 1×6 and 6 damage if used on the ground and 7, 1×10 and 2 damage if used in the air. This attack can be performed in the air and on the ground however both variations are different. If Bowser is on the ground, he will start spinning on the spot with hitting anything that comes near it. You can move Bowser left or right while he is spinning.

If Bowser is in the air, he will start spinning in the air and jump from the ground to the air while spinning in a surge. It is equally damaging and also works as a move to recover quickly after landing an attack that takes long to recover from. The damage output is maximum while Bowser is in the air. Keep pressing the Special button to make him spin more.

Down Special – Bowser Bomb

It deals 4, 20 and 11 damage to enemies hit by the attack. This is an excellent attack and it is not limited to one floor only. When the attack starts, Bowser will attack with a headbutt in front of it and then leaps upwards to come back down in a fiery ball. Bowser will use all of his attack in this phase and will deal massive damage while falling down and once on the impact on the ground.

Sometimes it will launch enemies in the air as well during the headbutt. If so, enemies will take damage from the fall and not from the impact on the ground. You can also perform this attack in the air but it will skip the headbutt and the attack will start from the fiery fall.

Final Smash – Giga Bowser Punch

Bowser’s Final Smash attack is Giga Bowser Punch. When the energy is full, you can unleash this mighty attack during which Bowser turns really huge and then punches the now-tiny enemy in the face. A cursor will appear on the screen allowing you to target the tiny opponent in front of you.

Punch them with the bigger-than-them punch. If there are more than one enemies in front of you, they will also come under the punch’s influence.

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This concludes our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bowser Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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