Super Smash Bros Ultimate Assist Trophies Guides – All Assist Trophies Detailed

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Assist Trophies Guides

In this Super Smash Bros Ultimate Assist Trophies Guides, we will list all of the Assist Trophies in the game that you can use to your advantage in a fight. They appear during a fight, where you can pick and use them to help you fight the opponent.

Assist Trophies are items that have appeared in Super Smash Bros, and have returned to every game after the first time they were introduced in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Assist Trophies look like a glass orb with an unknown figure inside. These can be picked up during a fight and activated to summon a random third character in the game to fight you opponent.

Players can activate more than one trophies at a time, if they have the option to. This will ensure more damage to your opponent, or can grant you double the benefits in the fight.

Each Assist Trophy character that spawns from the trophy, will either deal damage to your opponent, help you by throwing health items towards you, or do things that make your opponent weaker in many ways.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Assist Trophies Guides

Below we have listed all the 59 Assist Trophies in the game with their details. There several brand new ones that are added to the Ultimate version of Smash Bros. However, we have listed all the old and the new ones below.

Assist Trophy


Akira This character runs around and attacks with various martial arts moves.
Alucard This character wields his blade, Crissaegrim, alongside various other moves.
Andross This character spits out projectiles at players.
Arcade Bunny This character operates a giant claw machine in order to grab opponents.
Ashley This character conjures a cloud which causes various adverse effects.
Black Knight This character walks around the stage slowly, attacking any nearby opponents with his sword Alondite. Appears to be very resistant to attacks.
Bomberman This character drop bombs which create an cross shaped explosion similar to an X Bomb.
Burrowing Snagret This character emerges from the ground and wildly pecks at opponents, then hides underground before reappearing at another location.
Chain Chomp This character jumps on nearby enemies, and delivers a fierce biting attack. If a Chain Chomp falls of the stage , it can jump right back up, but if it is on a breakable surface, the Chain Chomp falls off the stage if it breaks.
Chef Kawasaki This character captures players using his ladle and cooks them in a boiling pot, which produces food similar to Kirby’s Final Smash in Brawl. If he fails to catch anyone in his ladle, he may throw plates or attempt to use his ladle again.
Color TV-Game 15 This character two paddles on the sides of the stage bounce a ball back and forth, with the ball damaging players.
Devil This character begins pointing in various directions, and the stage shifts the way he points. If you slide of the screen, you will be knocked out. The Devil however, cannot be knocked out.
Dillon This character uses a Roll Attack where he rolls wildly. He also has a powerful Arma-Charge.
Dr. Kawashima This character flings numbers onto the stage that can be attacked to knock them around. When they add up to 10 or more, they cause an explosion, with a sum of exactly 10 causing an explosion like a Smart Bomb.
Dr. Wright Dr. Wright summons buildings from within the ground. Anyone other than the summoner who touches these buildings will receive damage.
Flies & Hand This is just a hand holding a fly swatter moves around to swat the flies buzzing around the screen, damaging any enemy that gets in the way of its swatting.
Ghirahim This character fights with a sword and throwing knives. He will teleport back onstage if he goes over the edge.
Ghosts Multiple ghosts called Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde make their way around the stage, moving as if in a maze while damaging and pushing opponents around.
Gray Fox This character runs around slashing opponents. Also reflects stray projectiles.
Guile This character crouches in place, throwing Sonic Booms and blocking any physical attacks that hit him. Intercepts nearby enemies with his signature Flash Kick move.
Hammer Bro. Throws hammers at opponents.
Isaac Isaac utilizes various abilities known as Psynergy. In addition to his original ability, Move, from Brawl, Isaac now can perform Pound as well as an original ability based off of Lift.
Jeff Jeff shoots rockets from his Multi Bottle Rocket 5 at his opponents.
Kapp’n You will see Kapp’n drives a bus across the screen. Any fighter he contacts will be trapped, dragging them off-screen.
Klaptrap This character lunges across the screen and latches onto foes before launching them.
Knuckle Joe This character delivers a series of Vulcan Jabs to his opponents and finishes with either a Smash Punch or an uppercut attack named Rising Break.
Knuckles the Echidna Knuckles burrows underground before emerging with a rising uppercut. Can strike using a homing attack similar to Sonic’s.
Krystal This character wanders around the stage and attacks opponents with her staff. Can deal freezing damage.
Lyn After a moment, appears next to an opponent and attacks with a single, strong sword swipe.
Metroid Metroid latches onto players and hits them repeatedly. Can be attacked and shaken off temporarily. Can only be KO’d with ice attacks.
Midna This character grabs opponents and throws them, while dealing darkness damage.
Moon This character crashes into the stage, dealing massive damage with a very large area of impact.
Mother Brain Uses her signature laser attack when summoned, and is guarded by Rinka enemies.
Nightmare Nightmare can turn the entire screen black when his Power Orb changes to his true form
Nikki Doodles various obstacles on the stage.
Nintendog A toy poodle blocks the screen.
Phosphora Phosphora can move around at lightning speed, while shooting three types of electric attacks towards opponents.
Rathalos Rathalos unleashes several flame-based attacks, such as breathing fireballs and roaring to stun opponents.
Riki He uses several different arts from Xenoblade, including Happy Happy, Freezinate, and Yoink.
Rodin Attacks with giant arms similar to Bayonetta’s Wicked Weaves, as well with attacks resembling aerial Heel Slide and heel drop. Before disappearing, he spawns a random item and tosses it at the summoner.
Sablé Prince Turns into either a frog or a snake. Can only be KO’d in his human form.
Samurai Goroh Samurai Goroh slashes his swords while chasing opponents.
Shadow Shadow can use Chaos Control that slows down opponents.
Sheriff Sheriff walks around in the air, shooting at opponents with his pistol.
Shovel Knight Runs and jumps around, using his Shovel Drop to bounce off of obstacles. He also digs, which flings dirt at fighters, buries them, and can occasionally produce items.
Skull Kid When summoned, his powers can affect anybody nearby, even if you are the summoner. Skull kid has three different moves: flip the stage upside down, flip the stage horizontally or make everyone invisible.
Spring Man Jumps around and attacks with extended punches. He can also activate Rush, dealing rapid pummels before finishing with an uppercut.
Squid Sisters They perform a concert and, as the camera zooms in on them, the blast lines are brought closer, so that whoever is left outside the camera will be KOed.
Starfy Wanders around and spin attacks opponents.
Starman Moves side-to-side across the stage, shooting lightning bolts out of its head at opponents. If defeated, the “SMAAASH!” effect from Earthbound is seen.
Sukapon Moves around with his arms raised, launching heads at opponents (Tondeker), grabbing and tossing them (Sukapon Toss), or rolling forwards quickly to attack (Sukapon Roll).
Takamaru Throws his pinwheel knife rooks at opponents and slashes them several times with his katana.
Tiki Transforms into a dragon, attacking with large flame breaths from the air.
Thwomp Hovers high up the stage, remaining still. If any opponent walks underneath it, it drops down to attack it, then moves back up. It won’t attack again until it returns to its original position
Vince Draws large drawings of various objects, one following each opponent in the foreground, hiding them.
Waluigi Waluigi repeatedly stomps players into the ground. This onslaught is followed by either a strong kick or a strike from his tennis racket.
Wily Capsule Piloting his Wily Capsule from Mega Man 7, Dr. Wily warps around the stage and fires fire, ice, and lightning projectiles at opponents. Unlike most Assist Trophies that can be defeated, he does not disappear immediately, instead falling to the ground and begging for forgiveness.
Yuri Kozukata Yuri busts out her Camera Obscura, a specialized camera to take photographs of spirits, and uses it to take pictures of the battle. This will stun opponents and poison them, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.
Zero Zero attacks using his Z-Saber.


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This concludes our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Assist Trophies Guides. Feel free to comment below.

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