Streets of Rage 4 Boss Rush Guide – How to Unlock

Streets of Rage 4 Boss Rush Guide

This Streets of Rage 4 Boss Rush Mode Guide will show you how to unlock the Boss Rush Mode in the game. Boss Rush Mode is little different from the normal mode, as it focuses just on fighting with the bosses.

If you don’t want to focus on smaller enemies and just want to take the challenge to the bosses, Boss Rush Mode will allow you to do so. However, it needs to be unlocked in the first place to access it.

Streets of Rage 4 Boss Rush Mode Guide

Below we have detailed how to unlock Boss Rush Mode in the game.

How to Unlock Boss Rush Mode

Most of the game modes in Streets of Rage 4 are locked right from the start. The only way you can unlock them is by playing through the Story Mode. This is the same case for Boss Rush Mode as it will require you to play the Story Mode, and in this mode you have to save Wood Oak City from the Y-twins.

You do not have to worry about how to defeat them, as you can choose any difficulty setting, or even the easiest difficulty to complete the story of the game. When you defeat the Y-twins and complete the story, you will have unlocked yourself the Boss Rush Mode after the end credits.

Now you can play the Boss Rush Mode allowing you to take the fight to each of the bosses found in the game. Just make sure you are prepared enough to take them down in the first place.

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This concludes our Streets of Rage 4 Boss Rush Mode Guide. Post your comments below.

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