Strange Brigade Characters Guide – Weapons, Skills, Specials

Strange Brigade Characters Guide

In this Strange Brigade Characters Guide, we will guide you on all the characters found in Strange Brigade. You will need to pick a specific character when you start the game and each character in Strange Brigade is unique and comes with his or her own unique skills and abilities. Each character is catering to a player of different game style so it is wise that you choose the character fitting your playstyle.

There are four characters in the game to choose from. We have detailed all four characters below. We will be listing their strengths, weaknesses and their weapons of choice. We will also list some helpful tips and tricks for playing with each character so you can really unleash their true potential while cracking some zombie skulls.

Strange Brigade Characters – Detailed Guide

There are four characters in the game, Frank Fairburne, Professor Quincey, Gracie Baithwaite and Nalangu Rushida. We have detailed all of them below.

Frank Fairburne

Frank can be considered as the tank of Strange Brigade. He is tough, wants to be on the frontline and can take some serious beating. He is your character if you love to play on the front and want to take on hordes of enemies alone. He has a special liking for headshots and he has the best aim out of all the characters since he served in the army.

Strange Brigade Characters Guide

He brings his favorite weapons to the game which is the Westminster 1895 submachine gun and a Marley .45 automatic pistol. He also has dynamites, which can help him get out of a tricky situation. Coming to skills, his amulet power allows him to rush into enemies and deal explosive damage to them.

His skills mostly consist of buffs that allow him to become an absolute damage sponge. Tough Hide allows him to get increased health and reduced damage while Super headshot ability allows him to deal headshots which are explosive.

Overall, if you are looking for a character that can take absolute beating, run head first into enemies to deal damage, easily wipe out groups of enemies and can explode heads with this weapons, Frank is your character.

Gracie Braithwaite

Gracie is the demolition expert in Strange Brigade. She loves to fight on close range and then explode her enemies into tiny bits. She can take care of large groups of enemies without any trouble but she is not a tank so getting surrounded might not be her charm. Rather then getting surrounded, she can explode her enemies more strategically then brute force.

Strange Brigade Characters Guide

She carries a deadly dual barreled Leamington Model 14 shotgun as her main weapon, which can unload explosive lead to enemies shredding them to tiny bits with ease. Her secondary weapon is a Marley .45 automatic pistol which can deal fairly decent amount of damage. She carries her grenade with pride and is not afraid to use it repeatedly.

Her abilities allow her to use her grenade quickly and also get increased melee combat damage so she can get up close with zombies and bust open some skulls. Her increased melee damage and shotgun as a main is the perfect combination to get up and close with the zombies in Strange Brigade.

If you like to get up close and personal with your enemies and bust their skull open using melee and then shredding those into many pieces using a shotgun, then your main character should be Gracie Braithwaite.

Nalangu Rushida

Nalangu Rushida is a demon hunter and her movement speed is exceptional. She is very agile and fast in her movements and she can easily move around the map quickly. She can move out of harm’s way quickly and that is for a good reason, as she cannot take much hits. In case she is surrounded, it is game over for her.

Strange Brigade Characters Guide

Nalangu excels at movement and taking down enemies using her Chamberlain automatic rifle and Marley .45 automatic pistol. Chamberlain is a great gun that allows you to shoot enemies while moving around with great accuracy and deals fairly decent damage with each hit. The pistol can cover up while the main weapon runs out if ammo during a fight.

It is vital that you maintain your distance from the zombies while playing with her. She is the weakest of all characters and cannot survive much in the field on her own. Make sure that you keep behind and in cover of your team to survive and never be surrounded. Her increased movement skills will help you in this regard.

Use her special ability when her amulet is fully charged to perform a massive explosive blast on the ground, which causes splash damage. She can also regain her lost health with the Vampire Strike attribute and players can also increase her movement speed indefinitely allowing even more agility and speed.

If you prefer to move around the area quickly and does not want to fight the battle at the front, then Nalangu is your character of choice. Stick to the shadows and kill enemies from a distance. Also, keep moving around to confuse most of the enemies. You can even make enemies run around in circles behind her as your teammates try to kill them. Never tried it? Try it out next time!

Professor Quincey

Professor Quincy could be considered a mage of Strange Brigade since he can use magic but he does not have a staff as his main weapon. He still uses a gun for some reason with all the magic powers that he has got. He is a great character to play with specially when you can open up hidden and locked areas for others while playing the game with the magic skills. Everyone will be looking up to you so try not to look too proud while playing with him.

Strange Brigade Characters Guide

Quincey comes with a wider soul gather radius which attracts souls from far as well thus you do not have to go to every killed enemy to collect his soul in order to charge up the amulet power. You can open up locked alcoves and caves in order to find collectibles inside them. No other character has this ability making him very important. His weapons of choice are Kingsley Special Repeater and the same old Marley .45 automatic pistol.

His throwable is a sticky grenade, which can cause really funny scene throughout a game. Try sticking a bomb to a zombies face and then watch him run into a bigger group of zombies like an idiot. Overall, the grenade features great splash damage and can easily take out a group of enemies easily.

If you prefer a little bit of strategy while killing zombies, then Doctor Quincey is your character. You can open up special areas with him and collect souls from a distance easily so you can also remain at a safe distance while playing with him.

There are some rumored characters coming to Strange Brigade in the near future, we will cover them as well when they are launched so keep checking back for more information.

This concludes our Strange Brigade Characters Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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