Stellar Blade Developer Shift Up Details In-Game Monster Creation Process with Clay Models and Animal Research

Stellar Blade

Developer Shift Up has revealed new details about its upcoming PlayStation title Stellar Blade which seems to feature an impressive monster and creature design, thanks to different forms of inspiration. The upcoming action-adventure game will feature a large number of unique and frightening creatures that you will have to face in your journey however designing them was certainly not easy. Called Naytiba, these behemoths are a result of different assets such as real-life animal research, 3D clay models, and the assistance of famous Korean movie monster designer Hee-Cheol Jang.

Detailed in the latest blog post on PlayStation, Hee-Cheol Jang detailed how these Naytiba are unique and different from any other monsters or creatures featured in horror games. The developer has revealed different variations of these Naytiba in trailers, demos, and screenshots including Gigas, Stalker, and Raven. Hee-Cheol Jang is known for his work on creature designs featured in The Host and Okja and he details that he first visited Shift Up after being contacted by Mr. Kim (Kim Hyung Tae, Stellar Blade director).

He moves on to explain that the creature design is deliberately made to look eerie and unnerving since these monsters and creatures are powerful enough to destroy the whole of humanity. Some will have missing eyes while some with have faces stuck in the wrong places. This also makes them look like a different species or race. While most of the enemies may look alien, some of them do appear to be related to existing life on Earth.

Answering a question about creating the clay models of the Naytiba, Concept Art Lead, ChangMin Lee commented that this allowed easy communication between teams and gravity. In the digital world, you can’t really feel gravity, but if you are working with a physical sculpture you will be affected by it because the weight of the clay is real. This is important in determining the shapes and proportions of the creatures.

Stellar Blade


You can read the entire interview over at the official PlayStation blog website. Previously, we also reported that a rather saucy Eve costume will make the game harder to play for players who decide to equip it.

What are your thoughts on the monster creation process of Stellar Blade and are you looking forward to playing it when it launches later this month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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