Stellar Blade’s Sauciest Skin Suit Will Make the Game Harder to Play

Stellar Blade Skin Suit

The upcoming action-adventure title Stellar Blade by Korean developer Shift Up accidentally released its demo on the PlayStation Store a couple of days ago however it was quickly pulled from the store because it was an accident. However, many players managed to download the demo and they have shared additional details about the game which were previously not known to the general public. One such piece of information comes in the form of many suits which will be donned by the main protagonist of Stellar Blade Eve. It turns out that Eve will have a saucy Skin Suit in Stellar Blade which is mostly see-through however this particular skin will make the game harder to play.

Much like any of the previous similar-styled action-adventure games featuring a hot protagonist like Bright Memory: Infinite, it is natural that the developer would add some saucy skins for the main character of the game. Eve is no different in Stellar Blade and while these suits are cosmetic only, the Skin Suit is one that actually affects the gameplay in a major way.

Despite the developers claiming that the visual suits will not affect the gameplay in any way, the Skin Suit will effectively change how the game behaves if you equip it. If you equip this particular revealing suit for Eve, your shield will be disabled, and you will not be able to withstand much punishment in the game which will make it really hard for players to complete the game.

Stellar Blade Skin Suit

This might be in place because the Skin Suit in Stellar Blade effectively reveals much of Eve’s assets both from the front and the back and only the bare essentials are covered by the suit. To control the use of this suit, equipping this revealing suit will make the really hard for everyone. Eve will have around 30 costumes to equip in the game, but it appears like the Skin Suit is the only one that not only reveals much of her body but also affects the gameplay.

Stellar Blade is slated for release on the PS5 exclusively in April 2024 and pre-orders are now open. Also, check out new details on the monster creation process for Stellar Blade.

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