Star Wars Jedi Survivor Crypt of Uhrma Puzzle Guide – How to Complete

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Crypt of Uhrma Puzzle Guide

The Crypt of Uhrma is a location on the planet Jedha that contains a puzzle that you need to solve to find Skoova and a Legendary Adversary. The puzzle can be a little confusing at first since you have to find the correct combination to pull to the switches in the Crypt. This Star Wars Jedi Survivor Crypt of Uhrma Puzzle Guide will show you how to complete this puzzle in a few minutes.

But before you head out to solve the Crypt of Uhrma puzzle, make sure that you have the Dash ability unlocked. This ability is unlocked automatically when you progress in the story. In case you don’t have the Dash ability unlocked, play a little bit of the game until you get it.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Crypt of Uhrma Puzzle Guide

On the Jedha planet, you can fast travel to the Crypt of Uhrma to save time and then head towards the Crypt. Make your way up the two set of stairs and then through the door. On your right you will need to leap across and this is where the Dash ability will be required. Continue on this path and you will enter the Crypt of Uhrma containing the puzzle.

Inside the Crypt, you will find two rows of eight square shaped switches. Numbering each switch makes it easy to track which ones needs to be pulled. The top row contains four switch from 1 to 4, while the second set contains four more switch from 5 to 8.

To solve the puzzle, you need to pull the following switches: 

  • First Switch (1)
  • Fourth Switch (4)
  • Sixth Switch (6)
  • Seventh Switch (7)

This will immediately unlock the secret area where you can now enter and find the Skoova and a Legendary Adversary waiting for you inside.

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That’s how you can solve this puzzle as shown in this Star Wars Jedi Survivor Puzzle Guide. Post your comments below.

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