SoulCalibur VI Guide – How to Play, Tips and Tricks

SoulCalibur VI Guide

In this SoulCalibur VI Guide, we will guide you on how to play SoulCalibur VI. We will share some tips and tricks with the help of which you will be able to beat your opponents easily, master the characters and make use of all the mechanics of the game more efficiently. Compared to previous titles, Bandai Namco has introduced some new, never before seen mechanics in a SoulCalibur game as well.

We have curated this SoulCalibur VI Guide for you in which we have detailed all such new mechanics so you can easily understand them along with some older mechanics as well so you can become the best fighter in the game. Below you will find all of the basic and advanced mechanics detailed for your ease.

SoulCalibur VI – Detailed Guide

Our SoulCalibur VI Guide details everything that you need to know about playing SoulCalibur VI.

Be Mindful of the Guard Gauge

SoulCalibur VI has an invisible Guard Gauge. Although not visible, it depletes every time you block an attack. This is represented within your health bar. Once your Guard Gauge is low enough, your health bar will start flashing yellow. Keep blocking beyond this point and it will eventually turn red.

If you keep blocking even more at this point, this will eventually deplete and you will be unable to block any more attacks. It is highly recommended that you go not guard for too long because your bar is simply depleting each time you block. Stop blocking and your Guard Gauge will eventually refill allowing you to block more attacks.

If you want to simply block a single attack, we recommend that you press the Guard button right before an attack lands. This will allow you to guard an attack and minimize the damage from that move. A white flashing character will indicate a perfectly timed Just Guard move. It also eliminates extra damage if your enemy used a Soul Charge.

Try to Ring Out the Opposition

A quick and easy way to dispatch your opponents is to Ring Out them. Try to lure them to the edge of the ring and then try to throw them out of this ring to instantly eliminate them even if they had health remaining. This is a very efficient way of eliminating enemies who are much better at game than you.

Go to the edge and then try to lure your opponents to the edge as well. While they are near the edge, land an attack which is powerful enough to knock them back enough that they fall out of the ring. This will Ring Out them giving you the victory. However, be careful as your enemies can do the same to you as well.

Save your Critical Edge Moves for the Right Time

SoulCalibur VI comes with its own super moves called as Critical Edge. These are performed by pressing A+B+K once one of the bars of your Soul Gauge are filled. This will unleash a powerful move instantly which is unique to each of the characters in the game. Not all of the Critical Edge moves are special moves that will help you out in tricky situations.

It is vital that you know the Critical Edge of your character and fully understand how to use them properly so that you can execute Critical Edge moves at the right time. Once a move has been performed, it will deplete that specific bar on your Soul Gauge. These moves range from being invincible for a short time to teleporting from one place to another on the same map.

Use Soul Charge for Maximum Damage

Just like Critical Edge, Soul Charge is also used when one of the bars of your Soul Gauge are filled. Activating Soul Charge will make your character more powerful for the time being and they will enter a raged state unlocking special moves and increasing the damage of their normal attacks.

Each character will gain unique bonuses in Soul Charge so you will need to practice with your favorite characters to know their strengths and weaknesses during the Soul Charge. These attacks are so powerful that they even inflict damage to opponents if they are blocking. Upon activation, the Soul Charge unleashes a blast that pushed back your opponent and knocks them back

Use Throws to Compliment your Combos

Throws are a vital part of any fighting game. Among the many deadly combos, these simple throw moves can be very helpful in finishing off near death opponents in style. Throws are a part of SoulCalibur VI combat as well. They will help you take down enemies in this game just like any previous SoulCalibur entries in the franchise.

This time around however, a slight change of mechanics has been implemented, especially for the back throws. The front throws are normal and you can perform them by pressing A+G. However, for the back throws, you must now press Back+A+G. You can also break the throws while your opponent is trying to grab you.

For a detailed guide on How to Break Throws, check out our guide right here.

Important Moves

In this section of the guide, we will explain three important moves that will really help you while playing the game. These three moves are Guard Impact, Break Attacks and Lethal Hits.

Break Attacks

Break Attacks are special attacks that can be performed on your opponents even when they are using Guard Impact or Reversal Edge attacks. They will take a little time to land but once they are through, you will break through your opponents Guard Impacts and Reversal Edge attacks easily. They will even give you a window to continue after with a combo or a simple attack.

To differ these attacks from normal ones, all Break Attacks will have a lightning around them mostly blue which will show you that a Break Attack has been performed correctly. They are excellent in stopping your opponents who are trying to land Guard Impact or Reversal Edge attacks on you.

Guard Impacts

You can perform Guard Impact by pressing Forward+G. In SoulCalibur VI, you can use Guard Impacts to easily block all High, Mid, Low attacks as well as throws. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to parry Break Attacks so keep an eye out for the blue lightning attacks. Once you successfully land a Guard Impact, you will have a small window to follow up with a combo as well.

The Guard Impacts are vital for you to practice because they are powerful enough to parry the super moves or Critical Edge attacks as well this time around. However, you never know that after you land a successful Guard Impact, your opponent will follow up with a Guard Impact or a Reversal Edge themselves so be careful after an attack.

Follow up you Guard Impact with a Break Attack to land another successful attack on your enemies as this attack will go through anything that your opponent is trying to throw at you. This will yet give you another window to follow up with some more beating.

Lethal Hits

Lethal Hits are new to SoulCalibur VI and these are unique to each character as well. These are basically standard moves turned to Lethal Hits under special circumstances. If you go to the move list of every character, you will notice a new tab there named Lethal Hits. Here, each move that can be performed as a Lethal Hit is explained along with how to convert the simple move into a Lethal Hit.

Once landed, Lethal Hits will stun your opponents giving you a window to follow up with some more attacks. You can check if the Lethal Hit is successfully landed if you see a special animation plays. Quickly follow it up with another special move or a simple move combo to make the most out of this attack.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Never spam attacks. Even if your enemy is blocking your spam barrage, they can easily counter your moves and turn the offense to a senseless beating. Always use combos and other special attacks in the mix to easily defeat your enemies.
  • If your opponent is using Guard Impact or Reversal Edge too much, counter them with Break Attacks and see the magic happen.
  • Try to land attacks which can bypass your opponents attacks without the need for blocking. For example, if your opponent is using High attacks, use low attacks to deal some damage and break their High spam attack sequence giving you room to stand back up.
  • If your opponent keeps sidestepping, Horizontal attacks will take care of them.
  • Reversal Edge can be easily dodge by sidestepping
  • Try to stay in the center of the ring as moving to the edge can lead to an early match end. Always move to the end with a Ring Out strategy otherwise, stick to the middle.
  • Fast attacks are excellent to break slower attacks. They might deal less damage but they will make your enemy throw their controller when you interrupt their long-combo buildup with a simple fast punch.
  • If your enemy is not blocking, keep attacking. You might actually win a game.

For more SoulCalibur VI guides, check out our SoulCalibur VI Reversal Edge Guide, Throw Guide and Special Characters Unlock Guide.

This concludes our SoulCalibur VI Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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