Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Items Guide – All Items Detailed

Smash Bros. Ultimate Items Guide

In this Super smash Bros. Ultimate Items Guide, we will show you all the items that are in the game, that can be used in combat to help you get the advantage over an opponent. Items are a huge part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as there are many items that have come from the past games, and a bunch of new ones added in the latest version of the game.

Items can be picked up or thrown at enemies, as each item has a specific effect on either your character, or your opponent.  Once you come across an item that is best to be used on an opponent, grab it and throw it towards the foe.

Items that appear on the stage can be the key to victory, especially if you use them correctly.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Items Guide

Below we will list all the items that are found in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. There are tons of other items that provide you special powers, specific damage effects to your opponents , and more. Refer to the list all the detailed items below.

Item name


Smash ball You can shatter this orb with an attack, then unleash your Final Smash with the special-move button.
Assist trophy With this you can call on different characters to help you fight! Some Assist Trophies can be KO’d.
Poke ball Item can be used to summon a random Pokémon to team up with you against your foes!
Master ball Item can be used to summon a Mythical or Legendary Pokémon! Much more valuable than a regular Poké Ball.
Dragoon parts You can collect all three parts to assemble the Dragoon, and then unleash a powerful attack.
Daybreak parts With this item, construct this huge weapon by collecting its three parts, then use its powerful beam attack! After completing Daybreak, press the Attack button to fire a beam. Sudden impacts before firing make you drop it, so be careful.
Crate You can break it to reveal a bunch of random items. Or throw it at opponents.
Rolling crate This is a crate with wheels. When attacked, it rolls off and deals big damage to whoever it hits. Attack it while standing on top, and you can even ride it!
Party ball This ball floats up into the air, plays a little tune, then releases a bunch of items.
Barrel Break this to make a collection of items appear. If it’s knocked on its side, it rolls around.
Grass If you see some grass growing out of the stage, walk over and pluck it to get a random item. You can only pluck it while you’re on the ground.
Capsule Break this to reveal the contents, or throw it at enemies to deal some damage.
Blast box Watch out! If you do too much damage to this, it goes BOOM! It blows up instantly if ignited, too!
Bomber The power of the Bomber decreases the farther you are from the center. Even if it’s just about to go off, you’re better off trying to get as far away as possible.
Fake smash ball This item looks dangerously similar to a Smash Ball, but it explodes when broken. If you look closely, you’ll notice that vertical and horizontal lines are switched.
Sandbag Hit Sandbag to make items fall out! The more you hit it, the easier it is to launch.
Food Eat some to heal a little damage! Different foods heal for different amounts.
Maxim tomato A tomato with a big M on it. When eaten, it removes 50% damage from your counter.
Heart container This removes 100% damage from your counter! Grab it before your foes get to it!
Fairy bottle This item only heals a fighter who has taken more than 100% damage. Don’t throw it at a badly injured enemy!
Healing sprout This item slowly heals whoever it’s stuck to. It can be transferred to another fighter through contact.
Healing field This item creates a healing field on the ground. Stand on it to slowly heal.
Super mushroom Touching this makes you giant, increasing your attack power and making you tough to launch.
Poison mushroom Running into one of these mushrooms shrinks you, making you less powerful and easier to launch.
Warp star Sends you shooting up, then back down for a devastating attack. Aim your landing with left or right, and adjust the timing with up and down.
Metal box Turns you into metal. Light attacks don’t make you flinch and you’re tough to launch, but you fall faster.
Bunny hood Put this on to greatly boost your speed and jumps. “What long ears it has! Will the power of the wild spring forth?”
Timer This item slows down everyone except the player who collects it…except when it backfires, of course.
Lightning Grab this to make the other fighters shrink—unless it backfires and shrinks you!
Bullet bill Use this to turn into a Bullet Bill and charge in a straight line—right through anyone in the way!
Bean sword Attack with a Beam Sword. The stronger the attack, the longer the blade gets!
Lip’s stick Attacking with this makes an energy-sapping flower bloom on your opponent’s head!
Star rod Side smash attacks and side tilt attacks make this item fire star-shaped projectiles.
Ore club Use a side smash with the Ore Club to send a big whirlwind flying at your foes. Charge it up to make the whirlwind even bigger!
Hammer Once you start, you just can’t stop swinging this item, even if the hammer’s head pops off. Oops! Hit an opponent with the Hammer to send them flying! If you’re launched while holding the Hammer, hit the Grab button as you start to spin to drop it!
Home-run bat Use a side smash to send a foe flying for the fences. It’s tricky to land, but it has lots of attack power! When hitting an opponent with a bat, the tip launches them the farthest. This is true of both the Home-Run Bat item and Ness’s side smash.
Golden hammer Attack quickly over and over and over. Press Jump repeatedly to float through the air, too! This sometimes turns into a Squeaky Hammer. It doesn’t hurt much, but that sound sure is cute, eh?
Rage blaster This item grows stronger if the user has taken lots of damage. A great way to make a comeback!
Killing edge When the blade glows, it deals critical hits with high power. It glows about every three seconds, so time your attacks well.
Death’s scythe A tilt or smash attack with this brutal weapon KOs opponents with high damage. KO high-damage opponents by hitting them with the tip of the scythe. If you use a smash attack from the correct distance, a black aura surrounds your opponent, signaling an instant KO.
Super scope Fire rapidly by pressing the button quickly, or hold the button to charge up! The fully charged shot is powerful!
Ray gun The Ray Gun fires semi-automatic blasts of energy. The shape of the barrel is a reversed Smash Bros. symbol. The idea is that you can burn the symbol into your opponents.
Dire flower Hold this out and bathe your foes in flame. The fire doesn’t last forever, though, so don’t waste it.
Drill Fire this to send a drill bit shooting across the stage, pushing enemies out and away. You can then throw the base!
Gust bellows steel driver Blow enemies away with this item. It’s great for ruining someone’s recovery, but it’s easily blocked by shields.
Ramblin’ evil mushroom Opponents hit with enough of these spores grow a mushroom, reversing their left and right controls.
Banana gun The insides of the banana become a powerful bullet. After one shot, this item becomes a Banana Peel. Of course.
Staff The power of this item increases the farther you are from your target. At maximum power, a dramatic zoom effect occurs.
Bob-omb Despite its size, this bomb packs a serious punch. Left alone, it tends to get bored and wander off…
Motion-sensor bomb Once placed on the battlefield, this small bomb goes off the moment anyone gets too close.
Gooey bomb This bomb goes off shortly after sticking to something. If that something is you, brush the bomb onto someone else! Fast!
Smart bomb A bomb that creates a massive explosion, hurting anyone caught in the blast. Unless it’s a dud. Then nothing happens.
Bombchu This little zippy bomb crawls on floors, walls, and ceilings. It goes off if it hits someone or the fuse runs out.
X bomb The blast from this bomb goes in four directions. It can go vertically and horizontally, or diagonally.
Hocotate bomb This spaceship-turned-bomb soars skyward, returning a short time later to blow up on its launch site. The bomb detonates when it hits the ground. It has a big blast range, but the fighter who launches it is immune. While flying upward, it can hit enemies above repeatedly and even launch them right off the screen.
Deku nut This little nut explodes on impact, dazing fighters on the ground and launching those who are airborne.
Freezie An item that slowly slides on the ground. If thrown, anyone hit by it is frozen in ice for a time.
Pitfall This creates a hidden snare, trapping anyone who steps on it in the ground, unable to move. If a Pitfall hits a fighter on the ground, it buries the fighter in the ground. If it hits a fighter in the air or on a platform, they’re launched straight down.
Hothead A fireball that grows when attacked. It moves around the stage, growing bigger from certain types of attacks.
Soccer ball Give it a good kick, and watch the ball burst into flames! You can’t pick it up, though—that’s a foul.
Pow block Hit it or throw it to launch everyone on the ground into the air. It only has three uses, so POW wisely!
Spiny shell If you throw this, it seeks out the player with the highest score (who isn’t you), then slams down and explodes on them!
Boomerang When thrown, this object eventually comes back to the thrower. Catch it to boost its power!
Beetle Throw it toward an enemy, and if it hits, it grabs on and drags them upward. The higher their damage, the harder it is to break free! If you attack an incoming Beetle, it does a U-turn. If a foe throws it at you, beat them at their own game!
Boss galaga This zippy item tries to capture opponents with a tractor beam, then carry them into space. If you get caught up in Boss Galaga’s tractor beam, you’re pulled right off the stage. Wiggle back and forth quickly to escape!
Black hole The Black Hole pulls items and fighters to its center. You can escape its pull if you use a move that causes you to shift quickly.
Franklin badge If you wear this, it reflects all projectile attacks from your foes.
Back sheild The Back Shield protects you from attacks from behind. It blocks attacks from battering items and projectiles, but it doesn’t protect against throws. Its durability decreases each time it blocks an attack.
Screw attack Pick this up, and you can do Screw Attacks when you jump. You can deliver air attacks while using the Screw Attack item. This can lead to powerful combos.
Super leaf Hold up or hold the Jump button while wearing this to hover with the help of a very fuzzy tail!
Rocket belt While wearing this, hold up or hold the Jump button to fly straight up into the air. You refuel automatically on the ground.
Special flag Hold this up for a while to get +1 KO (in a time battle) or +1 stock (in a stock battle). Or use it as bait to lure your foes in for a beating!
Super launch star Throw it to create a star-shaped gate that launches fighters who enter it. The Super Launch Star sends fighters in the direction the star was thrown from. If you jump off the side and toss it toward the stage, you can use it to interfere with people trying to recover from offstage.
Superspicy curry A spiciness out of this world! You constantly breathe fire from your mouth!
Fire bar Five fireballs are linked to the hilt of this weapon. As you attack with it, the number of fireballs decreases.
Banana peel A classic comedy staple: if you step on one of these, you fall on your rump. It never gets old!
Smoke ball After being thrown, this item rolls around on the ground or sticks to opponents. The smoke makes it hard to see the battle.
Unira It reveals its dangerous spikes after being placed. It sticks to walls, too!
Cucco Cuccos wander around the stage, minding their own business. If you’re heartless enough to attack one, you deserve what you get. If you hit another fighter with a Cucco, it gets angry at them instead of you! The flock doesn’t hurt you at all! Maybe being thrown doesn’t ruffle feathers? If a Cucco is damaged by a stage hazard, it’s not sure who to get angry with…so it calls the flock on EVERYONE. Not fair! Not fair!
Beehive Throw this item at an enemy, and the bees swarm around them, dealing damage over time. Bees laugh at shields and attack right through them. Jerks.
Killer eye A stationary cannon that shoots damaging beams. You can change its direction by hitting it.

Throw a Killer Eye at a wall or ceiling, and it sticks there. It might not be the most effective attack strategy, but it could catch foes by surprise!

Baseball Throw it, and it disappears in the air, then reappears near an opponent, covered in flames. If you hit a target before the ball disappears, it suddenly changes positions and flies toward the target. If it lands a direct hit, it hits multiple times after appearing again!

This concludes our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Items Guide. Feel free to comment bel


This concludes our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Items Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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