Skellboy Side Quests Guide – How to Complete

Skellboy Side Quests Guide

This Skellboy Side Quests Guide will show you how to complete all of the side-quests found in the game. There are a handful of side quests other than the main story missions that you can complete to earn rewards in return.

Skellboy Side Quests Guide

Below we have detailed all the side quests and how to complete them.

Side Quest #1 – Four Squires

This side quest requires you to rescue four squires that will each give you body part items and weapons. The quest also requires you to unlock the Four Squire’s room which can be done by hitting the painting in the dining hall. Hit it with a ballista to reveal the path that takes you to the room. The items you need to find in this quest are:

  • Messenger Sandals (Feet Part)
  • Sword and Club
  • Cubomystical Box (Head Part)
  • Camou-Matic (Torso Part)

The Sword and Club are given to you when you save Ortiz. This squire can be found in the maze near the castle gate. In the maze, you will find a red mark in the hedges that need to be cut down. For this task, you will require to have an axe. Cut down the tree that has Ortiz hanging from it.

The next squire is Lloyd, who can be found in the barracks area. you first need to enter a large room which has a breakable wall that you need to bomb and then break open. Use the bombs to open it and you will find a new path leading you to Lloyd.

The next squire you need to save is Trevora, you first need to beat the orc and then take the club that has Trevora stuck in it. To save Trevora, you need to go to the sewers and talk to the witch.

The last squire is Piz who can be found after you first meet Squaruman. Piz will be in the library, and after talking to her, go to the Four Squire’s Room to get the rewards.

Side Quest #2 – Hatter

This side quest will allow you to craft hats. But to do that, you will have to go and talk to the hat maker who will be at the Old Chapel. Talk to him and bring him to a safe room. Once you complete this part, the hat maker will make any sort of hats that you want, provided that you have the correct materials.

Side Quest #3 – Cook

This side quest will allow you to have consumable items. The quest requires you to locate the chef and bring him to the safe room. To get to the chef, you first need to go to the dining hall, and then up the stairs to the elevator. Clear the path to the elevator and talk to the Chef.

Side Quest #4 – Yarnia

This side quest requires you to get some items for Yarnia. You first need to talk to her in the safe room that will be near the theater courtyard. Once you are in the safe room, head upstairs to talk to her. She will require you to get some materials to craft Torso body parts.

Side Quest #5 – Midas Set

This side quest is where you have to get the Midas Set, and you can get them from a machine in the treasure chamber. The first thing you need to do is to gather Golden Teeth from the chain heads to open the path to the graveyard. Once you have the teeth, bring it to the machine and you will get the body part armor.

Side Quest #6 – Farmer and Panini

This side quest becomes available when you talk to the farmer after beating the orcs on the farm. He will want you to find and get his three cows back to him. The first thing you need to do is put on the Backbone torso body part and then go to talk to Panini.

Now you will have the ability to bark like a dog, and you can start bringing the cows back to the farmer. Once you are done, the farmer will give you some milk as a reward.

Side Quest #7 – The Librarian

This side quest requires you to find the Librarian’s coat and bring it to him. The coat will be inside a dark room past the golems and placed on a table. Bring to coat back to the Librarian and he will reward you with the Glass Sword weapon.

Side Quest #8 – The Vault

This side quest is where you have to unlock the closed vault in the Library. The vault requires four code numbers. To get the code, you need to use a full Red Beet Set. This will allow you to talk to the red beet enemies and get the four numbers required for the vault.

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