Shenmue Remastered Capsule Toys Guide – Gacha Machines, Lucky Dip

Shenmue Remastered Capsule Toys Guide

In this Shenmue Remastered Capsule Toys Guide, we will guide you on the locations of all Capsule Toys collectibles that can be found in Shenmui Remastered. These collectibles are spread throughout the game at specific places and it could take a long time if you start to explore every nook and cranny of the game. Our Shenmue Remastered Capsule Toys Guide will ensure that you find all collectibles easily without much trouble.

With Shenmue III coming next year, both Shenmue I and II have been released in a remastered collection and you can relive the journey of Ryo Hazuki who is investigating his father’s murder by the hands of Lan Di. Both the first titles in the series are now available and players can experience these classic games on their modern consoles.

Shenmue Remastered Capsule Toys Guide

Below we have detailed the locations of all the Capsule Toys collectibles that are found in Shenmue Remastered.

Capsule Toys

These cute little capsule toys are spread throughout the world. These are mostly based on classic Sega characters but you also find some that are not related to Sega. They are located in different areas but the most common ones are via gacha machines, which are located around in specific areas. You can find one outside Abe Store in Sakuragoaka. Another one can be found outside Yu Arcade in Dobuita while another one is located inside the Harbor Lounge at the Harbor.

All of these gacha machines will give you specific Capsule Toys but these gacha machines are not the sole location to get them. You will also find the Capsule Toys throughout the game in random locations so keep an eye out for them. Sometimes you will even win them from Lucky Dip prizes, beating high scores on arcade machines, winning forklift races and slot machines.

You can complete your collection easily if you manage to find all of these Capsule Toys by visiting these gacha machines, trying out your luck in Lucky Dip draw and trying out many side activities in the game.

This concludes our Shenmue Remastered Capsule Toys Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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