Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Mushin Arts Skills Guide – How to Unlock

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Mushin Arts Skills

In this Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Mushin Arts Skills Guide, we will show you all the Skills in Mushin Arts, what each of the skill does, how many skill points you are required to unlock each skill, and where you can unlock them.

There are many skills in the game, that are designed to help you in many combat styles. These differ from attacking skill trees, defensive skill trees, to even stealth skill trees. Skill trees are differentiated by the different Arts that are in the game. The Combat Arts or skills can be bought with Skill Points by resting at any of the Sculptor’s idol.

Some of the Skills you unlock are passive skills, which means that their effect is always present. Other Skills are active, which require player to activate them in order to have their effect in combat. These active Skills can only be equipped in a certain number, and players will have to decide what skill will suit them best in a battle.

In total there are 5 Skill Trees in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, while this guide covers the Mushin Arts list of skills. The 5 Skill Trees are:

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Mushin Skills Guide

Below we have listed Skills in the Mushin Arts skill tree. Additionally, we have also listed what their effects are and how you can unlock them.

Mushin Arts

This skill tree focuses on skills that unlock a set of moves that are upgraded, stronger versions of each tree’s ultimate ability. To unlock these skills, players are required to unlock prerequisite skills in order to gain the Mushin Arts skills.

All the skills are detailed below:


This skill is an evolution of Shadowrush skill. After leaping into the skies with Shadowrush, it allows you to perform a spinning attack as you descend. Pierce, fly, and then dive back down. Jumping off the enemy costs Spirit Emblems.

This skill costs 6 Skill Points and can be unlocked from the Sculptor’s idol.


This skill unleashes a long range, powerful thrust, followed by used the impaled opponent as a platform to jump in the sky. It requires 6 Skill Points and can be unlocked from the Sculptor’s idol.

Empowered Mortal Draw

This skill is a secret technique using the Mortal Blade, and it costs Spirit Emblems to use. Before you unsheathe the Mortal Blade, it allows you to draw additional power, resulting in a long-ranged, more powerful slash attack.

The skill costs 5 Skill Points and can be unlocked from the Sculptor’s idol

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This concludes our Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Mushin Arts Skills Guide. Feel free to comment below.

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