SCUM Military Bases Guide – Detailed Locations, Map, Military Gear and Armor

SCUM Military Bases Guide

In this SCUM Military Bases Guide, we will guide you on the locations of all military bases located in SCUM. The world of SCUM is full of loot and goodies but only for those who dare to venture beyond the beaten path. The map is littered with different military bases where the best loot of the game is present.

Our SCUM Military Bases Guide aims at pointing out all of the military bases in the world of SCUM so that you can head to anyone of these military installments and find the best gear and loot. Once you have successfully scavenged a military base, you will come out fully equipped to tackle any sort of resistance the game offers.

Military Bases – SCUM Detailed Guide

Since these military bases offer the best gear and loot, it is also a magnet for all human players in the world. Everyone would want to head there and come out with the best gear. As you near these bases, you will come in contact with other players as well as zombies which are frequently present outside these bases.

These zombies are not normal ones roaming around in the world as well. These are special zombies which are basically military personnel turned into zombies. They carry some really good army jackets which when equipped give you more inventory space than traditional jackets found in the game. Apart from the tactical jackets, they also have other military grade loot on them so taking them down are always worth the effort.

Apart from the players and the zombies, giant Mechs that roam around and shoot anything moving around them also protect the military bases. They hardly miss and can even take you out from a great distance. It is advised that you avoid contact with them as it takes a lot of firepower to bring one down and they are not worth the effort and the resources.

The military bases can be considered as a high risk but high profit area. You might not survive there but if you do, you will come out feeling like a loot king laden with bullet proof jackets army grade weapons and items and plenty of ammo. There is tons of different types of loot present in these military bases.

You will find armor, bulletproof vests, heavy guns, sniper rifles, normal weapons and explosives as well. If you manage to visit at least one military base during your game, you will be set for the rest of the match.

Map of Military Locations

We have made a handy map showing all of the military locations in SCUM below. You can check out the map to easily find a military location near your spawn point. Map made with help from WillerZ44.

SCUM Military Bases Guide

Check out these locations for yourself while playing the game and you can easily find a military base for awesome loot and gear.

This concludes our SCUM Military Bases Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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