SCUM Cooking Guide – Cooking Basics, Tips and Tricks

SCUM Cooking Guide

In this SCUM Cooking Guide, we will guide you on the basics of cooking in SCUM. You will be required to cook meals for yourself when you are unable to find any canned meat spread around in the world. There are many different meals that you can cook in SCUM and most of them are very simple and basic.

The basic mechanic of cooking is same for all recipes, you can change freely change the ingredients and cook anything using this same procedure. Here, we will be explaining to you the easiest and the most basic recipe, which is the small skewer with meat but you, can use this method, mix up the ingredients and cook up whatever you like.

Cooking Guide – SCUM

Our SCUM Cooking Guide details everything that you need to know in order to cook meals in SCUM.

Cooking Small Skewer with Meat

To start cooking, your first step is to collect the ingredients followed by lighting up a fire. Let us start with the ingredients first. To cook small skewer with meat, you will need three pieces of meat and a long wooden stick to use as a skewer.

To find the meat, you will be required to find and hunt an animal. Animals can be traced using their footprints in the wild. Once the animal is down, you can use your knife to open them up and get some meat. Once you have the meat, collect some wood from the bushes and trees and find a peaceful area to set up camp.

Start up a fire and then combine the meat and the long wooden stick to make a skewer with meat on it. Click on fire and then choose to cook. It will take some time and after some time it will be ready. Make sure that you do not wait too long or the food will be burnt and eating burnt food will cause stomach problems for you in the game.

While selecting ingredients, another thing that will notice is that, some of the items are marked in green while some of the ingredients are marked in blue. There is a difference between both these ingredients. Green ingredients are required ingredients and you cannot cook without them.

Blue ingredients are bonus ingredients that make the food better but they are not core ingredients and the food can be easily cooked without them. Blue ingredients can be added in the dishes to make them more nutritious.

This is the basic method of cooking meals in SCUM. Any other dishes can be easily cooked using the same method. You will find a variety of ingredients in the game that you can use in order to cook up some tasty meals. Once you get the hand of basic cooking, you can try some advanced meals as well.

If you want to know more about SCUM such as how to start a fire or craft weapons, check out our SCUM Crafting Guide or if you are new to the game, our SCUM Beginner’s Guide will help you get right in the game.

This concludes our SCUM Cooking Guide. If you want to add anything to our guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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